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What Will I Find in the Astral Realm?

What Will I Find in the Astral Realm?

The astral body can detach from the physical body, allowing a journey to the astral plane. 

The astral world is said to be the spiritual realm, where we pass to after we die. With the use of astral projection, scrying (such as gazing in a mirror or crystal ball) or with the guidance of an adept teacher, you can enter this world. 

Yet, if you are expecting to meet a few angels and the odd phantom, you may be surprised.

In 1895, occult writer C.W. Leadbeater described an astral plane (aka kamaloka) teeming with inhabitants living and nonliving. such as astral animals, victims of untimely deaths, fairies, black magicians, vampires and werewolves. 

He revealed an insight into the afterlife that drew upon Hindu concepts. Many of the inhabitants of this world are passing through, or drifting around, casting off base desires, on the way to their final resting place: devachan or ‘place of the gods’.

A psychic’s connection to the astral plane accounts for ghostly apparitions and phenomena during séances. As the physical body dies, it leaves an etheric shell. These misty, blue shells are also seen in graveyards, floating around the burial site as ghosts.

On the astral plane, there is another type of astral corpse called The Shade, which resembles the spirit, character and intellect of the person who once existed on the earth, yet it is devoid of soul. Psychic mediums can connect to The Shade and ghoulishly be fooled into thinking that this soulless entity is the spirit of the departed loved one.

In 1912, Swami Panchadasi wrote about another inhabitant of the astral plane: thought forms. Thought forms are created by strong desires, emotions or ideas. They project waves, whirlpools, geometrical shapes and clouds of many colors.

Willpower gives thought forms the velocity to influence another’s aura by detaching from the egg-shaped aura surrounding the sender. Auric matter vibrates with the life energy (prana) of its sender. It becomes a semi-living force of its own and can travel across long distances. A bomb could be manifested and sent to blast someone away, or an octopus may be formed to wrap its auric tentacles around another and to pull them towards its creator. 

Thought forms are surrounded by an ethereal substance and maintain the same colors and characteristics of the human aura--the yellow of intellectual thought or the pale pink of loving thought. Just as in the aura, there may be different nuances of color and light.

The astral realm inspires poets and painters. We can occasionally glimpse this plane or learn to explore it. Yet, be cautious when entering. Mischievous nature spirits such as fairies, imps and goblins enjoy poking fun at the unsuspecting participants of séances or ouija board sessions. Beware, as you may even encounter The Shade.

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