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I can help you through any situation that you need clarity on or guide you to make the best choice. I am a Rainbow Warrior⚔️ and part of the 7th generation prophecy manifesting in this age of turbulence and great changes. I am here to listen to you even through the most troubling of times. I do not really ask questions during a reading and you can tell me as little or as much as you want to. I am open-minded, friendly with oceans of patience. I can connect to love situations, uncover who is your real friend and find out who is cheating (or not!). I am curious about the paranormal and if you have any questions or even any ghosts bothering you then let me know! 👻My readings are very straightforward and I can look at 'yes' and 'no' questions or go into detail. I have the gift of prophecy and this allows me to look ahead and see situations beyond the current time.

I also offer advice on crystals, remote healing and mindful meditations.


  • I am a psychic reader with around 20 years of experience. I often read for family and friends and like many readers, this is how I began. I have connected with clients on webcam and telephone and have done thousands of readings over the years. I have read for people from all walks of life. My life revolves around psychic work and learning more about the subjects that I find most intriguing.
  •  I have previously gained certificates in a tarot reading, psychic counseling, rune divination, crystal healing, and color therapy. I am a Certified Professional of Scientific Clairvoyantology and a Doctor of Metaphysical Science🧐. 
  • Love and relationship readings tend to be the most popular area, closely followed by career. I can do readings for lost objects and even lost pets! 😿 I am experienced at crystal ball reading and past life oracle cards. I have worked with angel cards for a number of years and also experience the presence of angels✨ and archangels. I have given advice on haunted houses and people troubled by paranormal phenomena. I feel my experience has helped my readings become more accurate and my gift to become stronger.

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