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Today's economy is a challenge by nearly any standards. Trying to decide what career to pursue can seem like a crapshoot. Even with the aid of career counselors and their tests meant to tell you your perfect career match, it's highly possible to end up just as baffled as you were when you started. 

According to my own round of testing, I should be an actor, lawyer, or a construction worker. None of those seem at all appealing to me. Instead, I followed my heart and guidance from divinatory sources to make a major career shift from almost a decade of sales to freelance writing. What seemed like an insane decision fraught with risk has resulted in significant health improvements, increased satisfaction in life, much more time with my family, and a pretty rapid rise in income to a comfortable level. 

Hiring a psychic may seem to be a strange way to determine your future career goals, but it's being more widely adopted by a range of folks from all walks of life. London South Bank University hired a psychic to improve the quality of their staff's life, by teaching them about the magical laws of manifesting. An article in AOL Jobs recently focused on a number of stories of folks finding their best opportunities with the aid of a psychic. The skeptical reporter called psychics herself for advice on her own career and was blown away with the level of detail the psychic presented and the advice given. 

The services of a psychic can help you sort through internal noise to zoom in on what truly matters and works best for you. Psychics can help you break past your own fear barriers and see what you might be ignoring. Humans are prone to ignoring our 'gut feelings' when they seem inconvenient or unlikely. The reaffirmation by a clued-in stranger of those hidden internal truths can help you actualize your best self. 

Through the course of my life, psychics have accurately predicted the birth and gender of my first-born child before I had ever met her father, the career I would have before I'd even yet dreamed of engaging in it, and a number of the major challenges in my life. Alongside those predictions, they gave me pointers that helped me navigate each of those life moments with grace and strength. They can do the same for you.