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What Color is My Aura?

A Beginner's Guide to Auras

Everything has an energy. 

Have you ever gotten a bad vibe off of someone? The moment you meet them, you feel anxious or uncomfortable? Or maybe you know a person who gives you an instant sense of comfort and calm. Either way, it’s all about the energy we’re emitting. This energy is what many refer to as an aura.


An aura is an electromagnetic energy field that encompasses all living things and even some inanimate objects. To those who can see auras, it’s said to appear as a ball of energy that surrounds the entire body and exudes a distinct color that both reflects and affects our emotions, behaviors and health. 


The aura is comprised of seven layers, known as the subtle bodies. Similar to the seven chakras, these energy layers are linked to different parts of ourselves and can become unbalanced in times of emotional or physical distress. Also like the chakras, these bodies can be healed and restored. 

The first layer is the physical aura plane. Closet to the body, it’s linked to pain, comfort and the physical self. The second layer is the astral or emotional layer, which helps us love and care for ourselves. The third layer is known as the lower mental layer. It’s where we keep our thought, reason and beliefs. The fourth layer is the higher mental layer, also known as the love layer. It connects all the energy planes together and also connects us to other people. The fifth layer is the spiritual layer. It helps to link us to the greater universe and develop our spiritual health. The sixth layer institutional layer, where your third eye and intuition reside. The seventh and final layer is the absolute plane. It encases all the lower layers and keeps them harmonious. It can also be a connection to a higher spiritual plane.


Every aura has a color. Often, auras are made of many colors, though one usually stands out. While the meaning of each color can change depending on the exact shade, here some common aura colors and their positive and negative meanings:

Green: Caring, nature-loving, nurturing, social, jealous, resentful 
Yellow: Creative, laid-back, playful, intelligent, fear, stress
Red: Realistic, active, strong-willed, passionate, angry, anxious
Blue: Spiritual, freethinking, sensitive, peaceful, dishonesty, fear 
Purple: Wise, intuitive, idealistic, imaginative, artistic
Orange: Courageous, outgoing, considerate, creative, addicted  


Our auras are constantly changing based on our thoughts, feelings and experiences. Everything from our mood to life events can affect your aura. When times are tough, your aura may darken or dim. The vibes you’re giving off can become drastically different. While it can repair itself as circumstances or feelings change, your aura may need some healing.

Techniques likes meditation, visualization, positive mantras and even smudging with sage can be helpful ways to cleanse your aura but it may take an expert to see results. Seek out the services of someone who can see or sense your aura and knows exactly what to do to repair it. Often, these experts are referred to as energy healers, though may psychics and spiritual advisors offer some level of aura healing.