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A Magical Poem to Learn the Major Arcana

A Magical Poem to Learn the Major Arcana

The tarot cards reveal messages and guidance, shedding light upon what lay in shadow.

The major arcana are destiny cards. They whisper secrets of our soul journey, offer spiritual advice, and reveal important events ahead.

The major arcana hold influence over reading and affect the minor arcana cards around it. If there are more major arcana than minor arcana cards in your reading, you will be in the hands of fate.

Sometimes it appears that no matter what choice we make, the outcome is the same.  Yet, minor arcana cards act as signposts upon your journey, where you can make choices and use free will.

The major arcana are numbered from 0 to 21. Place them in order and you'll see the connections you can make. Look at the symbolism within each beautiful and bewitching design.

Are you learning to read the tarot? Here's a magical rhyme that will help you remember the order of the major arcana cards.

The Journey

Twas a new bright day when The Fool set out,
A time to explore with no fear or doubt,
In a flash a Magician he did behold, "Be tricky, be skilled, you must be bold!"
"But seek within," called the High Priestess,

Drifting from the trees in a blue silk dress.
As he wandered through woods so thick and drear,
He heard a kind voice say, "this way, dear!"
The Empress sat upon a chair,

With a motherly smile and golden hair,
He rested a while on the soft grass of green,
And felt more in control as The Emperor was seen,
He was calm, secure yet did not know,

The Hierophant was calling to him below,
"Learn your spiritual lessons here on Earth,
Know yourself and know your worth."
He reached the highway, who was there?

A soulmate and Lovers, a destined pair,
To travel forward with their heartfelt gift,
The Chariot came and they hitched a lift,
They had such courage, they had such Strength,

Yet they kissed goodbye at the wooden bench,
"We will meet again when the air turns cold,
When the trees are bare and our hearts are old."
Then as a Hermit, he camped the night

And sought deep inside as he shone his light,
Morning sun rose then quite by chance,
Wheel of Fortune led to food, fun, and dance,
An awesome find but only fair he paid,

For Justice is where good karma is made,
He made his way down to the square,
And saw the Hanged Man swinging there,
He missed his love but had to wait

Now suffering like this poor man's fate.
As the winds do blow he must change his course,
And Death rode by on his tall white horse,
With Temperance, he watched as the birds did fly,

By the clear cool pond, he watched the world go by,
And there passed The Devil and they shared a drink,
At an inn called The Tower but he did not think,
He would get thrown out and the door would be locked,

He got caught in a storm and felt really shocked,
Yet the clouds did pass
In the sky was a Star
That brought him new hope,

Although the home was a-far,
He walked passed the bridge and The Moon was high,
And got lost in the lanes and he tried not to cry.
He strode through the night and out of the town,

The dark sky grew pale then The Sun shone down,
With new Judgement, he thought of all he had learned,
How much he knew now
As The World grew and turned.

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