Paranormal Phenomena 323 Advisors

“Paranormal” is a word used for an event or human experience that cannot be explained scientifically at this time in history. Parapsychology studies and investigates the paranormal in order to determine if scientific theories and assumptions about how our mind, or consciousness, affects matter and operates in, and on, the physical world may be incomplete, or flat out wrong.

Ghosts, poltergeists, orbs, and vortexes fall under the paranormal umbrella, as do telekinesis, telepathy, near-death experiences, past life memories, and out-of-body experiences. The common theme is the possibility that the personality, and/or soul, survives after physical death and can be contacted by humans still alive on planet earth.

What are EMFs?

Electro Magnetic Fields, or EMFs, are a big part of paranormal activity. Some investigators believe that when a spirit manifests in a location, it pulls energy from the electrical fields in that region and registers as a “substantial” presence, detectable during an EMF reading. When a high EMF reading is found in the presence of unexplainable sounds, smells, moving objects, cold spots in a room, or apparitions, investigators suspect paranormal activity is occurring.

One possible explanation for the ability that some paranormal readers have to so seamlessly communicate with beings and spirits from other realms or the afterlife is that a strong EMF in the environment allows their brain to access these other always-present dimensions. Because most of us use such a tiny fraction of our brains, the potential that such abilities lie dormant in us and not yet actualized is huge. Consciousness studies continually point to this probability.

A gifted paranormal reader is able to tune into other channels of existence that surround us and relay information and messages with clarity. Some may do it clairaudiently, by hearing these communications or thought forms, or by clairvoyance; seeing the beings and their messages with the inner or outer eye. Clairsentience is the ability to feel the emotional states of others, present or not. All of these faculties allow a paranormal reader to reach into the past and future for information, to see apparitions in other dimensions, and to communicate with spirits no longer in physical embodiment but residing in other realms. The messages they bring through can offer valuable support and guidance to those seeking to connect with deceased loved ones or their own spirit guides.