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Crystal gazing or scrying, is the art of looking into a reflective, translucent and smooth surface, such as water, a mirror, glass or a crystal ball, to gain spiritual insight and access hidden, mystical information.

Crystal ball reading is one of the oldest forms of divination in the fortune telling universe. A crystal ball reader, or scryer,  can help interpret present events, answer your questions, predict your future, and give advice in any area of life.

A popular misconception is that images are seen in the crystal ball itself. In fact, the ball is the tool that enables a fortune teller to enter into a self-induced trance to receive psychic vibrations and images through the mind’s eye. The psychic abilities reside in the reader, not in the ball. Crystal gazing may help, but the knowledge lies within.

Crystal seeing is not as simple as you may think. Becoming a talented crystal ball fortune teller takes a lot of study, discipline and many hours of practice to accomplish the expertise required to perceive and correctly interpret the images envisioned.

Most of the times, the scryer’s visualizations are mainly symbols they will interpret through meditation. Therefore, crystal ball predictions can be pretty challenging and exciting since readers interpret symbols based on their own criteria and not a predefined set of symbols. The images themselves can appear very clearly to the crystal ball reader and truly speak for themselves--an almost impossible task with a card reading.

We recommend taking your own notes during your crystal ball reading as you may find your own meanings within the symbols presented to you.

When you’re ready to call or chat with a psychic online, look for a crystal ball reading. Expect to be amazed and enchanted by the magic involved in this ancient divination method.

Chat or call one of our most talented, experienced and gifted online crystal ball readers now. Open up, relax and experience an incredible insight into your past, present and future!

Enjoy your crystal ball reading!