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The Power of a Thought

The Power of a Thought

We are masters of our own thoughts.

Our character is built on these thoughts. We can be honorable and diligent or slovenly and apathetic. 

Witless or wise, we are what we think. Positive thoughts. Negative thoughts. We shape the character by reshaping the thoughts.

Thoughts can be selfish, competitive, or instill fear in others, whereby the outer character would be reflected. We can consciously learn to stop negative thoughts to become noble and divine characters. Inner peace can be found in the power of thought.

A gnome meditating in a garden.


Garden of your mind

Our circumstances are a reflection of our thoughts. Circumstances do not mold us but reveal to us who we are and what we think. We do not attract what we desire, we attract what we are. Inner harmony will affect outer harmony. Therefore to alter circumstances positively, we must change our way of thinking. The mind can be compared to a garden that can be done overgrown by weeds grown from wild seeds of thought. 

It would be advantageous to become mindful, purposeful, to have virtuous and moral thoughts, and so to tame and discipline the garden of the mind. We are not limited by external influences, we can have control of our own thoughts. Circumstances change due to spiritual evolution as lessons are learned.

A woman meditates on a beach.


Mind and body connection

Thoughts can affect physical health. To have joy, love, and peace within your mind and heart will result in positive health. To have resentfulness, fear and hatred will lead to ill health. If thoughts are sick, the body will also become sick, for example, negative thoughts can lead to stress, inactivity, and anxiety which can have an impact on the physical body. The key to good health is the mind. Positive thoughts will allow for positive choices such as a healthy diet.

Focus thoughts upon a purpose. Thoughts can be like bark drifting aimlessly upon an ocean. These thoughts should be directed to a goal, and therefore to set about accomplishing that aim. To have no purpose would lead to weakness and immoral behavior. This purpose could be a spiritual one, an intellectual one, or a business idea, something from the heart that is genuine and legitimate. If uncertain of a purpose, efforts should be focused on day-to-day duties and find a purpose there.

A man with his hands on his head, in thought.


Positive mind positive life

Accomplishments are the direct result of positive thoughts. We have the responsibility of thought, action, and ultimate success. We can create or we can destroy, we are masters of our own destiny. We have purity of thought and good morals. The more virtuous the thoughts, the greater the accomplishment shall be. Sacrifices are made to achieve success, and these sacrifices are the letting go of bad habits, which are often selfish and due to confusing thoughts.

Have a vision and a dream. Dreams are the seeds of accomplishments and greater ambitions. Once you begin to dream and have a vision, for example of a better job, or an improved lifestyle, you will begin to grow out of the present situation. You will be reaching towards the ideal. Dreams could bring about discoveries or inventions. Dreams can represent the heart’s desire for beauty, happiness, tranquility, and love.

A woman overlooks the ocean.


Find inner harmony

Be serene. To have self-control and knowledge of the self brings acceptance and inner peace. To be calm and peaceful is to be powerful and spiritually strong. The serene person can adapt and socialize, bringing ease and reassurance to others and creating a harmonious environment. Serenity within a busy and often troubled world is a trait that will draw others towards that person, who will attract trust and love. The serene person has mastered the laws of thought and understands their power.

A statue of "The Thinker"


How to use the power of thought

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