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Superstar Secrets | Doja Cat Birth Chart Revealed

Superstar Secrets | Doja Cat Birth Chart Revealed

Even if you’re not a fan of hip-hop, there’s still a chance you’ve heard of Doja Cat. 

The outspoken, social media savvy rapper/singer made headlines after Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp revealed she’d been asking about his cute new costar, Joseph Quinn. Doja Cat wasn’t pleased to be outed on social media but maybe the British actor is the right zodiac match for her.

We asked Amanda, a professional psychic and astrologer on our platform, to dig into Doja Cat’s natal chart and get the details about the rising star’s personality, compatibility, and more. First, let’s get to know Doja Cat a little better.

Gif of Doja Cat singing. She has flower hairpins in her hair and a dress of green leaves with gilding.

Who is Doja Cat dating?

Doja Cat is outspoken but remains pretty quiet about her love life. She had a brief relationship with singer Johnny Utah (aka. Jawny) that ended on good terms. So far, that’s the only public relationship Doja Cat has been open about.

Doja Cat’s not shy about sharing flirty photos of herself with friends online, which causes a lot of speculation among fans. However, these relationships seem platonic. If Doja Cat is dating someone right now, their identity remains a mystery.

Gif of Doja Cat singing. Doja Cat is with pink short hairs. She has large golden round earrings.

What is Doja Cat’s real name?

Doja Cat was born Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini in Los Angeles, CA. Her father, a Broadway performer, moved home to South Africa when she was a child. Doja Cat and her brother were raised by their single mom. They lived for a time with their grandmother, then in a Hindu ashram, before moving back to the Los Angeles area.

Doja Cat studied dance and singing but faced racism from peers and struggled with ADHD. She dropped out of high school at 16 and focused on making music from her computer. She uploaded her first song to SoundCloud in 2012, start performing in LA, and got a record deal in 2014 at age 17. Doja Cat released her debut EP that same year. Her third studio album came out in 2021.

Gif of Doja Cat dancing. She wears a pink latex costume. She has turquoise hair. The background is turquoise. She has a table in front of her, a pink cake and a glass of water with goldfish on it.

What is Doja Cat’s zodiac sign?

Born October 21, 1995, Doja Cat is a Libra.

Libra traits:

  • Sociable, intellectual, approachable, cooperative
  • Prefer peace and balance in their life, even if it requires dishonesty to achieve
  • Tend to avoid taking the blame and hate conflict


Gif of Doja Cat dancing on stage. There are three girls with red hats dancing in the back.

Her Sun sign in the 12th house

This placement makes it hard to depend on others. It creates a desire for material goods and also a desire for peace and tranquility. Despite an independent spirit, relationships are very important, especially marriage. It will take a lot of effort to balance partnerships and true independence. 

With this placement, it’s hard for someone like Doja Cat to balance her public role with her need for quiet seclusion. It’s likely safe to assume that who she is in public is not truly who she is behind closed doors. 

Square between the Sun and Uranus

Her identity rides on a sense of personal freedom. It can be quite a challenge when she doesn't want to do something that someone is asking her to do, simply because any attempts by others to push her in a certain direction create a threat to her freedom. She is a very dynamic person who questions tradition and authority, yet, can be quite set in her ways.  

She can tend to have a lot of nervous energy and defensiveness. It can be difficult for her to develop steady routines. She works best when she can manage her own schedule, and work in spurts. When hit with creative inspiration, she is capable of tremendous effort. At times it can be hard to pour her heart and soul into something that she doesn't "feel" for at the moment. This placement can be seen as problematic in a world where people are expected to perform, whether inspired or not. 

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In this placement, there is a strong energy that early family life was lacking in supervision or clearly defined rules. A father figure may have been absent or distant and ineffective, yet she may have a glorified image of him.

She struggles to define who she is, which may cause her to gravitate toward the wrong people or get in with the wrong crowd in an attempt to define herself. There may be a tendency to engage in escapist and self-destructive fantasies and/or habits. It is useful to be able to connect these behaviors with their probable source, which is likely to be a weakly-defined ego and identity in childhood. 

This placement gives her a strong sense and desire to be something special or to experience something more than the ordinary. She is a daydreamer and idealist.

Gif of Doja Cat saying "I love you". The print of MTv is on the bottom right.

Virgo moon is in the 11th house

She makes friends easily and uses her relationships to further professional success. Friendships are sometimes superficial. This position of the moon indicates an emotional need to belong and seek support from friends and associations with groups. She looks to acquaintances for support and offers the same in return. An unstable social life might be a reflection of inner emotional unrest. She changes how she feels about people quickly and it causes relationship problems. 

She’s filled with dreams, wishes, and hopes for the future. Her desires are often selfless and good. Yet, her aspirations change with her moods, not unlike her friendships, and it can be hard to set goals.

The gif of Doja Cat saying "I don´t wanna hear it". AppleMusic icon is on the top left.

Opposition between the Moon and Saturn

When the Moon is in a hard aspect to Saturn in the natal chart, this is a need to learn to trust others more. Of course, it’s not always easy understanding the right people to trust. There’s fear here. It gets in the way of personal relationships and explains the rigidity she may demonstrate.

Someone under this placement has an inner voice that tells them to be cautious when others show them love and affection. Maybe it’s not sincere or it won’t last. It’s often the result of a lack of unconditional love in childhood. With hard Saturn aspects, these individuals are plagued with doubts about themselves and those around them. 

Trine between the Moon and Uranus

She’s got a vivid imagination. The moon’s intuition complements the independence and originality of Uranus. This is the placement of someone who lives an extraordinary life. They’ve learned a lot through personal experience and have a deep intuition. She may act instinctively, but her sixth sense is always there. She loves new, exciting things and artistic people. 

Gif of Doja Cat singing into the microphone.

Trine between the Moon and Neptune

This placement shows an unmistakably compassionate and understanding side to her nature. 

It’s no surprise that she’s musical. It comes naturally to her. People with the moon in a harmonious aspect to Neptune respond to music to heal, relax, and uplift the soul. 

She’s perceptive and tunes into feelings and moods around her without even trying. She’s likely drawn to retreat into her imagination. It’s a way to re-center herself because she tends to "take in" a lot of mixed energies from her surroundings. Strong and sudden "feelings" and hunches can overcome her. More often than not, her intuition is correct, although her imagination is also powerful and she can read too much into a situation as a result. 

The gif of Doja Cat saying on the stage "That´s dope". She is wearing an entourage costume.

Mars is in the second house

She’s daring and has a lot of initiative. She works hard for her money and has the capacity to learn a lot. She has no problem starting over after a setback with enthusiasm. If her progress ever seems slow, it’s just because she’s so focused and deliberate. 

This placement creates ambition, especially in terms of making money and acquiring possessions. There’s a risk of impulsive spending. 

She likes physical challenges and has the energy and abilities to take them on. Her strength and athleticism contribute to her self-worth. She likes to work alone and feels best when her accomplishments are her own. She’s confident about her talents and goes after what she wants with resourcefulness and persistence. 

The gif od Doja Cat in a purple hat wearing sunglasses.

What does Doja Cat’s astrology chart say about love?

There are many placements and aspects in her chart that suggests she needs and wants a strong connection with a romantic partner, but it won't be an easy path. A rocky road to finding the balance between her true independence and allowing someone in. She may be naturally drawn to the wrong energies in connections. It happens to the best of us. 

It may be a challenge for her to overcome stubbornness and strong beliefs. At this point in her life, with her career success and creative pursuits, the compromise a relationship requires might be too much to ask.

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