Karma and Past Life 583 Advisors

Karma, or the Law of Cause and Effect, is the primary and foundational law that governs our existence. Every thing that we think, say, and do becomes a causative agent that produces or results in some effect, either instantly or down the road. There is a tendency to think of karma as a negative or punishing principle, but it’s important to look at the macrocosm of our lives and admit that we have probably enjoyed more good and benevolent karma than difficult karma.

The soul incarnates into each lifetime with a purpose. It chooses the physical, emotional, and mental vehicles it wants to work through, along with the specific life circumstances that are optimal for the learning goals and experiences it has selected for itself in that lifetime. The personality, or ego, often believes that it is in charge of its destiny and that this one life is the pinnacle of existence. In reality, it is the soul and its ongoing cycle of reincarnation, lifetime after lifetime, which dictates how life unfolds.

Accepting Karma with Grace

The best that the true seeker can do is hope to not create any new or harmful karma to self or others during the current lifetime. This is accomplished by achieving control over the emotional states, the ego demands, and the lower appetites and more base nature. Detachment, surrender, and mindfulness practices are all tools we use to attempt to release our rigid grip and control patterns about how we think our life should be unfolding. We pray for the grace to accept our karma exactly how it is, for we ourselves are the ultimate creators.

With an overview that our lives are many and the path of evolution is a long and winding one, we can try to release more and more of the lower trappings that keep us ego and earth bound. As we embody more of our higher, inherently divine nature, we become soul-infused personalities who act in harmonious, loving, and ethical ways with congruency and integrity, because we know with certainty that this is how we progress on the path of return.

As we align more consciously and directly with our soul and our true Will, we realize that service is the other great law. Many of us alive at this time have chosen to incarnate in order to serve the evolution of the planet and humanity during this critical cycle. When we become awakened, consciously evolving, willing beings under the direction and guidance of our own souls, the Law of Cause and Effect has less hold on us and we become sovereign co-creators. Eventually, a life lived predominantly in service and love burns off enough karma that the need to reincarnate for another round on planet earth is unnecessary, and we go on to explore other unfathomable options!