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Karma and Past Life

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Past Life Psychic Reading

Have you ever felt an odd familiarity upon meeting someone for the first time? It’s like you’ve got a connection to them that runs deeper than just this lifetime.

This feeling, like Déjà vu—the sensation that what’s happening has already happened in the past—are common ways our past lives impact our current life. The belief in past lives is the belief that our souls reincarnate into new forms after our physical bodies die, and that we are not blank slates are birth.

Sometimes we carry over our traumatic memories, karmic debt, and soul agreements from all of our past lives until we learn the lessons we are meant to learn.

Our expert psychics offer past life readings and guidance through past life regression to help you understand where your soul has been and how your past lives have shaped the life you’re currently living. Connecting with a past life expert will help you link people from your past life to your present and work on the unresolved phobias, emotional hang-ups, and desires you need to overcome in order to evolve as your best self in this lifetime.