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DIY Love Spells and Rituals: Your Spiritual Guide to Finding True Love

DIY Love Spells and Rituals: Your Spiritual Guide to Finding True Love

Cast a Spell on Love: Crafting Your Very Own DIY Love Ritual

Wondering when Cupid's arrow will finally find its way to you? It might be time to take matters into your own hands. We're not talking about swiping right or enduring another dreadful blind date. No, we're diving into something deeper. Get ready to light some candles and delve within as psychic advisor Jake guides us through a simple love spell you can do at home.

Explore the secrets of manifesting the love you desire with just a few items and dedicated self-care time. If you're seeking guidance in your quest for a deep connection, keep reading to discover this homemade love spell and its potential to help you find true love.

What’s a DIY love spell or ritual to help find true love?

We asked Jake to tell us how you can back up your true love intentions with an at-home ritual. Here's what Jake recommends:

"Embark on the journey to true love with a guided twist this month. Craft a personal ritual to sync your path with love’s vibes and positivity. Choose a calm evening under the moon’s gentle glow. 

Set the scene in a cozy space, lighting candles. Center yourself by expressing true intentions to find love in writing. Gather love-symbolic items like rose petals, a piece of rose quartz, and a mirror. Scatter petals, place the quartz at the center, and position the mirror to capture candlelight.

Engage in mindful breathing, feeling yourself surrounded by love. Hold the rose quartz and sense its warmth as you visualize desired partner qualities.

This homemade ritual aligns with love’s energy, fostering a path for genuine connection to flourish. Love emanates from within; let this ritual be your guide."

Moon phases and their influence on love spells

Jake suggests casting your spell under the moon. In any phase, the moon plays a crucial role in magical practices, especially when it comes to love spells. Each stage of the lunar cycle has its own energies and symbolism, adding a boost to the rituals we perform.

For instance, during a new moon, it's all about fresh starts and new beginnings. It's the perfect time to cast spells to attract new romantic interests. As the moon progresses from a crescent to a gibbous phase, the energies become even more potent, making it the ideal period to focus on strengthening bonds of love and affection.

When the moon reaches its fullest, it symbolizes power, culmination, and manifestation. This is when the lunar energies are at their strongest, and they can help amplify your intentions, bringing desired outcomes in the love department.

Lastly, as the moon transitions to its waning period, it's a great time to let go and release any obstacles to love. This can include residues from past relationships or limiting beliefs that hold you back. By incorporating these moon phases into your love spell rituals, not only do you align your personal energies with the ebb and flow of the universe, but you also enhance the overall effectiveness of your spell casting.

Effective ingredients for love spells

As Jake mentions, having the right items around you can really amp up the effectiveness of your love spell. Love is this incredible energy that surrounds us all, and to cast a successful love spell, it's all about aligning ourselves with that frequency of love in every possible way. Supercharge your intention with these things, during your ritual or any time:

Rose Quartz: This crystal is known as the stone of universal love. It is believed to restore trust and harmony in relationships and encourage unconditional love. Rose quartz can be used during meditation or in your home or workspace to enhance loving energy.

Red or Pink Candles: In color symbolism, red represents passion, desire, and love, while pink signifies romance and charm. During your ritual, you can light these candles to set your intentions and focus on the flame's energy.

Essential Oils: Certain oils like rose, often associated with love and the heart, or jasmine, known for its soothing and romantic properties, can be used. Ylang-ylang, another option, is believed to balance male and female energies, making it a great choice for love rituals. You can use these oils to anoint candles or add a few drops to a bath.

Incense: Incense can help create a calming and peaceful atmosphere. Scents like sandalwood are used for purification and spiritual healing, while lavender is known for its calming effects and can help foster communication in relationship

Flowers: Roses, peonies, or orchids are all flowers associated with love. You can place fresh flowers on your altar or use dried petals in a love spell jar.

Honey or Sugar: These sweet substances are often used in love rituals to attract sweetness in your life and relationships. You could incorporate them into a ritual by adding honey to the tea you drink during the ritual or by using sugar to write out your intentions.

Paper and Pen: A key part of many rituals is writing down your intentions. Choose a pen and paper that you connect with—perhaps a beautifully bound journal or a favorite pen.

Sea Salt or Bath Salts: Bathing with these salts before your ritual can help cleanse your aura and prepare your mind for the ritual. Sea salt is also often used to create a protective barrier around your space.

Red or Pink Fabric: This can be used to create a love altar or sacred space. Choose fabrics that you're drawn to and that evoke feelings of love and comfort.

Mirror: A mirror is a powerful tool for self-reflection and can be used in rituals focused on self-love and acceptance.

Photographs or Personal Items: If your ritual involves attracting love from a specific person, you might include a personal item of theirs or a photograph. Remember, it's important to respect other people's free will in love rituals.

Music: Music has the power to move us emotionally like nothing else. Choose songs that make you feel loving and open to receiving love.

Herbs and Spices: Certain herbs and spices, such as cinnamon, vanilla, and rosemary, are associated with love and attraction. You can burn them as incense, sprinkle them around your space, or use them to anoint candles.

Tarot Cards: If you use tarot, cards like The Lovers, Two of Cups, or Ten of Cups can be used in your ritual to symbolize and attract love.

Remember, the most crucial part of any ritual is your intention. Be clear about what you want, believe in your desires, and remain open to receiving love in all its wonderful forms. Always ensure your actions are guided by respect and genuine care for others' free will and well-being.

What to do after your love spell

After completing your DIY love ritual or homemade love spell, it's essential to ground yourself back into the present. Engage in a simple activity like enjoying a warm cup of herbal tea or taking a leisurely walk to help shift your energy from the ritualistic space back to your daily routine. As you do so, release your intentions to the universe with trust and confidence, believing that what is truly meant for you will come to fruition. It's also important to maintain a positive outlook and keep your heart open to love in all forms, observing signs and synchronicities in your daily life that may indicate your spell's effectiveness. The key to manifesting love is to remain patient and trust in divine timing, knowing that everything happens for your highest good.


In the search for love and harmony, the rituals and spells we craft are pathways to manifest our deepest desires. Channeling the right intentions and energies is key to a successful love spell. However, it is also essential to remember that love, in its truest form, is about connection and alignment, not just with others but also with our true selves.

If your heart seeks more personalized guidance or you want to dive deeper into the spiritual aspects of love, connect with Jake for a psychic reading. Discover insight, clarity, and a tailored path to your dream love life.

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