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What is magic?

Have you ever made a wish? Did you wish upon a shooting star, your birthday candles, or toss a coin into a fountain? Well, then you’ve already cast your first spell.

When you make a wish, you think about something you want to change or make happen and you direct your energy toward that intention. That’s magic. Even prayer is a form of magic. It’s an incantation fuelled by intention and energy.

There’s energy within us and in everything around us. Magic is simply the harnessing of this energy as a means of achieving something. A spell is a wish supported by focus, intention, and action. 

How can magic & spells help me?

Magic and spells can help you focus on your truest intentions. What do you want most in life? There’s a spell for that! It’s a way to harness the right kind of energy to support your intention. 

Not sure what your intention is? Spend time listening to your innermost voice through meditating, automatic writing, dream journaling, and psychic readings. Look out for the signs around you as messages from the universe. Seeing certain numbers or animals over and over can be a sign from the spirit world or angel guides.

Once you know where you want to focus, it’s easier to find the right spell. There are spells to help you:

Do love spells work?

Every spell requires a clear intention. This is especially true for a love spell. Be very specific, clear, and honest about your desire. Who do you want to attract? What do you want from the one you love? Write it down on paper.

Be patient with love spells. Spells don’t work immediately. They also require action. You can’t do a spell to find your soulmate and then sit at home every night alone. You have to get out and open your heart and mind to the possibility of love while meeting new people.

Make sure your love spell is what’s best for you. Don’t do a spell to bring back a toxic partner or attract someone who isn’t relationship material. Consider the energy you need in your life to thrive and grow. 

How to cast a spell

There are a lot of DIY spells out there but we recommend professional assistance if you want a potent spell that will get the job done.

Whether you’re doing the spell alone or with an expert, your energy and intention are super important. Magic is a karmic practice. You get what you give. It’s said that whatever spell you cast comes back to you threefold. Never do spells when you’re in a bad place emotionally. If you’re angry, stressed, scared, or negative, that energy will be channeled into the spell. You want to approach spells with a clear, calm mind. 

Once you have your positive intention, you can help conjure the energy to support it with the right items. In spellcasting, these items are known as correspondences. Correspondences can be crystals, herbs, tokens, photos, flowers, candles, colors, or even days of the week. If you're doing a love spell, you might include correspondences like rose quartz, basil, cinnamon, pink candles, or pink flowers, and you’ll want to do it on a Friday (Venus’s day, the planet of love).

Before you start a spell, take some time to purify your energy and the energy in your space. You can cleanse your energy with a calming bath or shower, meditation, 

To cleanse your space, try something like:

  • Lighting a candle, burning incense, or smudging with sage
  • Sprinkling holy water, moon water, or salt
  • Chanting, praying, or playing music
  • Using crystals, a Tibetan singing bowl, or your other favorite method

Now you’ve got your intention, your correspondence, and clear energy. There are two more essentials to spellcasting: speaking it aloud and taking action. You’ve got to say what you want out loud and send that intention into the universe. Then, you have to do something about it. That magic is going to support your action. Did you do a spell for a new job? To make that magic work, you need to start sending out your resume. Did a spell to strengthen your marriage? You better make an effort to spend more time together and make room for a connection to grow.

Are you ready to cast a love spell?

Need a spell for career success, a happy family, inner peace, or something else? Want an attraction spell or a love binding spell? Connect with a professional spellcaster. Browse our network of experts who specialize in magic, spells, and rituals, and choose someone you feel drawn to. We always suggest reading their profile, watching their video (if available), and looking at the reviews from other customers.

Advisors are available through call or chat. If you’re interested in the extras advisors offer, like spells and rituals, start a chat and ask them about their services. You can buy extra services like chakra balancing, guided meditation, energy cleansing, and so much more!

What kind of rituals and spells can I find on Zodiac Psychics?

Here are just some of the incredible services the advisors on our platform are selling right now 

  • Protection Spell
  • Love Spell Jar
  • Mind, Body & Soul Cleansing
  • Love Binding Spell
  • Negativity & Black Magic Removal
  • Positive Energy Spell
  • Attraction Candle Spell
  • Protection Spell
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Candle Spell for Peace & Joy