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Featured Advisors | Question of the Week

Featured Advisors | Question of the Week

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This week’s question: Why am I having trouble finding a lasting relationship?


Keep reading to find out what three of our platform’s top advisors have to say. 



Free Spirit
Psychic Tarot Reader

SPECIALTIES |Tarot, crystal healing, past life oracle cards
METHODS | tarot, runes and angel cards
SERVICES | Mindful meditation, Remote healing

Question: Why am I having trouble finding a lasting relationship?

The type of vibration and energy signature you have can attract a certain type of person or a familiar pattern in relationships. You can change your energy signature, raising your vibrational energy by improving your mental, emotional and physical health. Relationships fail often with no fault of our own. You could simply say, "It's not you, it's your energy signature" and move on! Focus on personal development and you will eventually fall into harmony with a compatible partner.

Love Psychic Sebastian
Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant

SPECIALTIES | Love, Soulmates, and relationships
METHODS | Tarot reading, mind reading, and Energy readings
SERVICES | Candle burning love spell, Energy cleansing ritual, and protection rituals

Question: Why am I having trouble finding a lasting relationship?

The best advice in this situation is to be honest with your new partner and be open with them too. As long as you are treating your partner with love and respect, everything will work out. A common issue I pick up on would be that people are still attached to their ex-partners while searching for new love and this holds them back in many ways. It is possible that you will need an energy cleansing spell to break the bond from the past, so you may form a new one with the right person. A new partner can always sense when you're distracted or unfocused and that causes them to hold back, which leads to failure. A cleansing ritual is always a great start to remove any negative energy and allow new, clean, and positive energy to enter.

Satine Star
Love Expert & Healer

SPECIALTIES |Love, Twinflames, Soulmates
METHODS | Tarot Cards, Runes, Pendulums
SERVICES | Cutting Ties ritual, Aura cleansing, protection ritual

Question: Why am I having trouble finding a lasting relationship?

There are many reasons why people have trouble finding a lasting relationship, everyone is unique. But generally, I see the root of this issue is people have been hurt and this hurt continues to affect them unknowingly to the individual. We may feel we have moved on, but deep down there is still left over emotions and insecurities tied to our past. This is why it is so important to cut ties to old connections and release these emotions holding us back. If you feel you have been experiencing this kind of problem in your life I would love to help! I offer Cutting Ties Rituals that will help you release old bonds and create new long lasting connections. I like to conduct a quick tarot reading before any ritual to make sure we know the root of what is causing imbalance in your love life.