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Featured Advisors | Question of the Month

Featured Advisors | Question of the Month

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This month’s question: How can I be a successful influence on others lives?


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Psychic Alex Daniels

Psychic Tarot Reader 

SPECIALTIES | Relationship, career job device, Returns of love

METHODS |Tarot Reading, Sphere ball, Pendulum

SERVICES |Strengthen the couple's relationship, Eliminate negativity, Benefit with candles

Have you ever wondered why you are sometimes not well accepted by others? First of all you have to demonstrate to others, to the people you care about, that you are available to help, advise, worry about them, whether they are friends, family or your life partner. Demonstrate your availability to others, obviously when they also do the same thing, it's essential to have a good influence with the people you hang out with. Demonstrating to your friends that you want to be a counselor, a person who they can confide in, who listens to their friend's problems and advises them, is a way to gain both the friend's trust and a good influence in their life. When the others look for you, they demonstrate that they need you, they confide in you; you have a good influence on the others. Good luck.