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There are angels around you.

Angel messages are in everything: flowers, animals, numbers, symbols, dreams. Some messages are easy to find, especially if you know what to look for. Sometimes you have to ask your angels with the help of an expert.

Do you need help revealing or interpreting messages from your guardian angels?

What is a basic angel reading?

Some advisors possess unique gifts that allow them to communicate with angels. During an angel reading, the advisor connects with their guardian angels or yours to bring you some otherworldly guidance.

Are the advisors talking to angels?

It depends. Not every angel reading is the same.

An advisor skilled in angel reading is often known as an angel communicator but the method used to communicate with angels varies from advisor to advisor.

Some use their innate abilities in clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizant, or clairvoyance. Others use channeling, crystal balls, or automatic writing to tap into angel messages. Most use angel cards, which are like tarot cards uniquely designed for making an angel connection.

Are angels talking to me?

Angels communicate with us in subtle, strange, and beautiful ways. Some common forms of angel communication include:

Angel numbers | What are angel numbers? Repeating patterns and sequences of numbers (usually three or four) that appear all around us, like 1111, 222, and 777. These numbers tend to catch the eye so next time you spot one, take the message. 

Ringing ears | If your ears are ringing, it might mean an angel is trying to talk to you. Stop and consider what you were just thinking or doing. The angel may be trying to highlight something at that moment

Rainbows | A rainbow appears after a storm, as a reminder that there is always hope even in tumultuous times. If you're seeing rainbows, an angel may want you to know that you'll be ok even if times are tough.

Butterflies | These beautiful creatures are said to be attracted to angels, so if they're hanging around you then an angel may be near. Collecting items with butterflies on it may help bring angels to you.

Dreams | In dreams, our subconscious has access to the wisdom our waking minds don't. This can include receiving messages from angels. If you have a recurring dream, pay attention. It may be a message.

White feathers | Are they plucked from angel wings? It's easy to wonder when you find a white feather. Take it as a sign of protection. There's an angel looking out for you.

Who are my guardian angels?

Some believe that we all have a guardian angel

There are different concepts of guardian angels. Some believe we're all assigned a birth angel based on our birthdays. Others believe guardian angels are archangels. 

Guardian angels may also be spirit guides, which can include those we've loved and lost, ancestral spirits, incorporeal beings, or something else.

What should I ask an angel reader?

If you’re ready to start working with your angels, try asking your angel reader one of these questions:

  1. Who are my guardian angels?
  2. How can I be more open to messages from angels?
  3. Are there any spirit angels around me?
  4. When has my guardian angel protected me from danger?
  5. What emotional wounds do I need to heal?
  6. What past pain, mistakes, or regrets am I still holding on to?
  7. What lesson do I need to learn right now?
  8. How can I better understand someone in my life?
  9. What are my greatest gifts/talents?
  10. What am I meant to do in life?
  11. What habits/behaviors are causing harm in my life?
  12. How do I deal with a particular problem in my life?
  13. How can I heal a broken relationship?
  14. How can I find more joy in my life?
  15. What mistakes am I making in my relationships?
  16. How can I be more loving?
  17. Who is my soulmate and how do I find them?
  18. What decision should I make about this situation?
  19. What is my sacred number?
  20. What are my angel messages?