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Questions that Attract Love!!! Ask and you Shall Believe!!!

Questions that Attract Love!!! Ask and you Shall Believe!!!

The word How is a great way to start a love relating question.

How can I attract a soul mate into my life now?

How can I be open to love at this time?

How will I know which love is true?

This brings into play both the querent’s capacity to create and their importance as the main hero in the journey of the question being asked.

It is absolutely a journey in that the deeper one goes through each question, and honors the layers of the meanings behind the revelations that appear through the reading, the more wisdom is reaped.

Look to the logo of the Zodiac Psychics tree… The core of the tree is centered in the middle of the sphere. Each leaf nourished in part by the roots below. Perfect balance with an expanding nature allows for even that which we are unconscious of to be nurtured and embraced; encompassing our fullest capacity!!!

In other words …water the roots(life) sometimes its the solution to where is the sun(love)?

How can I attract the sun? Having watered the roots, we’ve already begun.

Open your branches to the knowledge that is true;

Joining all others who say “Zodiac Psychics, I LOVE YOU!!!

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