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Advisor Profile | Psychic Cilla

Psychic Cilla Spotlight

When did you notice that you had Psychic abilities:

I first noticed my psychic abilities the young age of 8 years old when I began to have dreams and visions that were coming true days weeks and months later. It was very normal as my earlier generations have had similar abilities so I definitely was not scared. It just became more and more normal as time went by. I started to give readings to clients who came into my grandmother's shop, whom I was with learning more on how to use my gifts. As I got older and more spiritual, my gift got stronger. And I have been using it effortlessly ever since. 


What is the most rewarding part about being an Advisor:

The most rewarding part of using my gift is that I get to tap into others energy and help them with whatever they may be going through. Weather it calms people down, gives relief or makes people happy, it gives me a sense of self-worth and blesses me as I am able to bless others through God. I do not take any credit for being able to help others by giving advice or insight as God is the one who always guides me to do so. I am his messenger and every person that comes to me to seek help in their life, I am there to put you on the right track through the lord spiritually. It truly make me happy when someone feels better or happy from the insight I provide. I remember helping a long-time client get through the tough time of being without his twin flame for a long time. Meanwhile experiencing dreams and visions of this person who must learn a life lesson that God wants. The connection so deep that you can feel the other person and what they are going through and vice versa can be so overwhelming. Twin flame connections are blessings that God gives you and that other special person to understand what true live is. They are never effortless but very hard to obtain.

What have you done to improve your skills:

 I have been working with God by my side helping me along in his word I stand by it. No one is perfect I am not perfect but God is and he lets me see what he wants me to see I look at myself as a messenger of his. It doesn't matter what religion you might be as I work with all religions. My main goal is to touch others spiritually and help them see that we all have a purpose in life and we all deserve to be happy. First one must be happy with self before you can be happy with someone in love.

What makes your readings unique? Why should someone looking for a reading come to you?

My main focus is that you get everything you possibly can out of my readings. They might be a little different from everyone else's but I am okay with that. I don't aim to be like everyone else. My readings are very unique as you might feel like it's talking to someone that you know because it can be very comfortable, warm hearted, and non-judgemental -  at the same time straight forward and giving you the insight that you need. I aim to answer all of your questions to the fullest not just yes or no. I don't waste time and I don't ask questions, I connect with your name and your full date of birth almost immediately. One thing to keep in mind is that my reading probably won't match everyone else's because I am completely honest as many do prefer, but in saying that there are some who may not like what I see. That's why I state this before any reading in my bio I make it known. I do not tell you what I think you want to hear I tell what you need to know. I believe there is a reason for every person that comes in contact with me and that I read for. Its not by choice it is by spiritual fate.

How does the spirit world communicate with you?

I specialize in love and relationship. I am able to identify twin flame connections and soul mate connections. I have worked with many different clients helping them along in tough situations, for example, a twin flame situation that can be very difficult to get through. I am able to explain and show through God what he wants and what his will is for you and your twin flame. No situation is perfect and I am able to help you through my connections with the Lord. No matter what aspect, God does have a plan whether its hard for you to go through it not it meant to be the way it is. I can help you improve whatever you want or need help with also sharing my advice when needed. I look forward to chatting with you very soon.

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Good things really do take time

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