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How to manifest real magic with a tarot deck

How to manifest real magic with a tarot deck

There are so many ways to manifest your desires and bring some magic to life

Some people use herbs and candles or even ceremonial rituals while others prefer crafting magic. I believe that everyone who is trying to find the right spiritual path might be interested to understand how a deck of tarot cards can bring a lot of magic and mystery to the life journey. 

Tarot cards have so much power, not only in predicting the future and helping with guidance but also in manifesting true desires. Their symbols hold the secrets. Hidden inside are magic keys that can open a gateway to another side. 

Some holds a deck of tarot card in their hands.

How to choose a tarot deck

Picking a deck for ritual is a very ceremonial and essential process.

First, the deck used for the magic spell should be picked selectively, as it will help you to improve your life. That is why the more time you will spend finding the right deck, the more magic it will bring you. 

Second, it should be meaningful for you. Of course, you can go with a traditional Rider-Waite deck if you don’t want to experiment, but if you feel connected with some innovative creative deck it is certainly a better way for you to go.  

A hand touches crystals laid out on a board of zodiac symbols with tarot cards nearby.

Boosting tarot magic

When you do a tarot spell for the spiritual connection, it is better to place accessories (also known as correspondence) such as gemstones, flowers, mirrors, and crystals.  

For example, spells for love can be arranged with roses, crystal hearts, pink candles, certain incenses (myrrh, lavender, and pink rose), herbs (amber, basil, cloves, dill), and other gems and minerals (rose quartz, citrine, agate).  

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A magical tarot card spread

When you do a tarot card spell, I suggest placing cards in the form of a cross or pyramid. Usually, the layout includes three main parts: 

  • Initial Action
  • Progress
  • Desirable Outcome

The first card usually represents the opening channel that can help you to get through a gateway. That is why it can be placed with some magic spell or meditation. 

Next, place a Court card (king, queen, knight, or princess). That will be the significator or querent, which symbolizes yourself or another person for whom you do this spell. 

If you are calling for ideal love, it is better to use the Emperor card or High Priestess card instead of Court cards as a significator. Finally, set the last card while thinking of the desirable outcome. If your intention is love, use the Lovers. If your intention is about money, place the Wheel of Fortune card or Nine of Pentacles card. Try to visualize the situation as though it already occurred and you have been given what you are asking.

One person spreads out tarot cards while another uses a Tibetan singing bowl.

Tarot magic for manifestation 

We can use this magic for a variety of goals:

  • when we try to discover ourselves and our spiritual gift
  • when we want to change the direction of our career path
  • when we want to reconnect with our personal magic
  • when we want to protect ourselves from evil spirits
  • and so much more

We can perform a love spell when we want to meet a new love or want to reconnect with someone from our past. Our life is such a wonderful gift, and we need to explore ways to make ourselves happy, exciting, and magical. That is why the spirits give us different tools for manifestation.

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