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Advisor Sylvia
Advisor Sylvia
Love & Relationships
Advisor Sylvia


YOU are the most important person for me. My readings are done in a loving manner like a conversation with a good friend. Your date of birth and your question is all I need to start for the reading.🌟

I pick up your energy from your voice. The combination of my psychic gifts, the actual planetary constellation and the tarot are the tools to assist you in achieving your dreams.

If you are challenged by a loved person, a career decision or any kind of life changing event, I will be patiently there for you.😊

My readings display the hidden and reveal the current situation for the tendency of the outcome. We are also able to influence our life with the right attitude for different results. 

When you feel like you are in the dark, I promise to make sure, that light is on your side.🌞
I will also help you to create the right affirmations.


I am reading cards for over 40 years. I also gave live readings on TV in Europe. I am also known for publishing my own painted and designed tarot cards in 2015. 

If you are asking for, I can also check on your astrological chart. 🔮

The complexity of individual cause-and-effect is a big part of our future, and I’m devoted to helping people to make better decisions and lead happier lives.

In 1979 I went to India to meet OSHO and studied reading the cards and different meditation technics.
I am experienced in reading poker cards, Tarot: Crowley, Rider Waite, Kipper cards, gypsy cards, I-Ging, pendulum and various oracles.
I also studied various meditation techniques, Kundalini Yoga, Tai Chi, Centering.

  • Usui Reiki I + II
  • Training in ThetaHealing Basic DNA
  • Trained Hypnotist (TM)
  • Quality advisor programs 1-4, Questico in Germany
  • Classic astrology, certified

    *Readings in different languages are possible: English, German and French


English Deutsch Français


Jun 12, 2024
thank you 🙏 I hope to know more soon
Apr 2, 2024
Mar 28, 2024
Thank you for the great reading 🙏🏼
Mar 26, 2024
Jun 26, 2023
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