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I am a professional tarot card reader with an experience of more than 15 years in this area. I can assist you to understand what your life has in a store. I use different types of the deck in my work and each of them is unique because each deck is a doorway to make a right step in life. I will suggest a spread according to a current situation concerning Love, Business, Life directions, Past life or Health. I use plenty of decks: M. Lenormand's Oracle; Gypsy Oracle; Les Vampire Oracle; Oracle of Shapeshifters;Romance Oracle;Tarot of Passion; Tarot of Manara; I use different spreads such as Les Grand Spread(When you want to have a look into many areas of your life for one year) TheĀ  Key(spread which gives a complete detail of the most important question) Love spreads for relations, The big Mirror -helps to see the most important tendencies in the life.


I have a natural gift that helps me to outline what is in the core of all your issues. I believe in destiny and I am assumed that everyone can create a desirable reality as well with the support of angels and magical creatures. They always send you the truthful signs the only thing you need is to figure out the meaning of the signs they send you. For that reason, I invite you to experience a reading with me so that I can guide you around all your complex issues. My interest in Tarot card reading started when I was a child. I must admit I always felt a special connection with the Tarot cards. The cards which I utilize are very powerful as they got strengths from angels and magical creatures. I have experienced tarot card reader as I always was working with many well-known companies and I have got numerous amount of followers.

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a beautiful reading!! loved it
ran out of coins
very detailed and hit on some good points
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