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Healing crystals for your romantic journey

Healing crystals for your romantic journey

There are few feelings better than loving someone and being loved back. Sadly, sometimes the love we thought would last a lifetime is only for a season or a reason.

The healing energy of crystals can serve as affordable, convenient tools that pack a powerful punch when it comes to healing from past love, strengthening troubled love or finding new love. Some crystals can be used in a crystal elixir to drink, or in perfume or air freshener with the addition of some essential oil. You can also try soaking in the bathtub with non-water-soluble crystals in the quartz family, such as rose quartz and citrine. Wearing crystal jewelry or carrying healing crystals with you throughout the day is another convenient way to boost and attract romantic, loving energy in your life.

Here are my crystal suggestions to help you through any stage of your romantic journey,

Amazonite: Helps foster feelings of forgiveness and transmute feelings of resentment. This crystal will also serve to empower you and boost your self-esteem. Amazonite resonates in the heart chakra and throat chakra, making it an overall great stone for compassion, communication, understanding and love. Great for helping you heal heartache, strengthen your current relationship, or build a strong new relationship.

Rose Quartz: Also helps foster feelings of forgiveness, of self and others. The rosy pink stone fills your heart with self-love and self-worth. Supportive when you are trying to let go of the past by helping to resolve feelings of regret. Rose quartz is a soothing and calming stone that helps to ease tension, conflict, loneliness or heartache.  The stone of love helps create love and harmony in your life whether you are single, embarking on a new relationship or involved current one.

Citrine: A very supportive crystals for the tumultuous energy of Twin Flame and Karmic unions. “The Stone of Manifestation” boosts courage, personal power and the motivation to help make relationships work. Are you or your partner stuck in a negative cycle of self-sabotaging behaviors? This crystal helps hinder destructive interactions and toxic behaviors while attracting positive situations and energies. Easing feelings of sadness and boosting optimism Citrine helps improve your romantic life, whether you are rebuilding, bolstering or seeking love.

Botswana Agate: Resonating strongly in the heart chakra and particularly helpful for those who are newly single or looking for love. This grounding crystal helps foster strength and courage to keep you moving forward along your path and to seek new love when you are ready. Botswana Agate emits a soothing, calming energy and fosters self-love, helping to reduce feelings of loneliness and anxiety that can come from being single. Best of all, Botswana agate helps attract new love and get you one step closer to your happily ever after.

Remember, part of the healing process is sharing with those who care. You can contact me or another trusted Zodiac Psychic love advisor to offer support, understanding and guidance for you at any time in your romantic journey.

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