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Auntie Amanda


I am a clairvoyant psychic and love working with Angels and my guides. My family goes back 6 generations in healing and readings. I can use tools such as tarot, crystal balls, and runes but I do get straight to the point as Spirit talk with me and send me visions of you and your future ahead so you have the knowledge to guide you to the path forward. If there are two pathways, I can give you the information each shows and can say what each path brings so you can be happy and feel that no matter what you are on track and deserve the best in any situation that is right for you. I will not judge you and can advise in all matters and I am like a favourite aunt and confidant. I was called Auntie by clients in the past that were older than me and so the name stuck. I am able to find lost objects and can interpret dreams for you. All I want is for you to be inspired and remember you have me here to help always.


I have been a reader for over 33 years first at home then in crystal shops. I began to do phone readings and then had many clients but then a slight problem happened and I now can do chat readings which helps give me a clearer picture and I hear my guides more easily and immediately too. I have thousands of people who have given wonderful reviews but I do not ask for them and it is so good to see that I can help people feel good and more focused and happy. I enjoy helping people see a brighter future and to help your hurt over love gone wrong. I go straight into the heart of the matter and with a hint of cheeky fun. I do enjoy working with my guides and they are not judgemental to any question. I do healings and can send you ideas to improve life with clearing bad energy to asking the Angels to come to help you move ahead. I sometimes am blown away with what they say and then I see the joy it brings and love it. I can help with loss and grief having lost a son who now works with me from the other side.

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