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Auntie Amanda


I'm a clairvoyant psychic and with the Angels and my guides I can bring clarity. A 6th generation psychic as wellcan use tarot cards and crystal ball. Allow to bring you a uplifting reading. I can answer all questions be it love, life or your spiritual journey I can see your spirit animals and get messages from my guides and Angels for you. I can interpret dreams and use Angel cards and can find lost objects I have been reading professionally for the last 28 years in Australia and am down to earth and respectful of any question that you have. I am here to help you see a positive happy outcome and chase negative thoughts and energies from you and your life journey.


I been doing readings for 28 years first at home then was asked to read in crystal shops and other businesses . I have in the last 8 years online and love each minute to be able to help you see what is ahead . I have helped thousands of people who have given wonderful reviews. I enjoy helping people see a brighter future ahead. I can go straight into the heart of the matter a polite and positive. with a hint of cheeky fun. I do healings if asked and put protection around you and your family. I have helped many people over the years through all abilities all over the world. I do dream analysis and don't always agree with the books out there as dreams are so complex and show us a path that is hard alone to interpret.. I see your guides and ask their help in bringing you love, joy and happiness and help ease your heart, mind and soul.I can help can empathise with loss departed with love having lost a son I can empathise and guide you to a more peaceful time as we live on in their honour. I can help with curses if needed but faith can move and work miracles.And do spirit animal readings and lost objects. Seeing Hawks flying around you? I know the meaning and what it means for you. Blessings Amanda


wow that's a change. lol. can you send min whenevr thanks love
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