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How a spiritual reading can bring energy healing

How a spiritual reading can bring energy healing

In spiritual practice, the main goal is often self-transformation, especially emotional healing and energy healing

Self-transformation can be achieved with the help of a spiritual healer and self-regulation techniques. Tarot cards, oracles, and other spiritual tools let you communicate with your inner spiritual guide and transform your life.

By listening to spiritual advisors and our own intuition, we can improve our karma and change our perceptions. We can also improve our energy, particularly by healing the aura. 

What is most important is that we are going through transformative changes in our consciousness and subconsciousness. 

Two people exchange an amethyst crystal.

Healing with spiritual reading 

Transformation takes place on emotional and mental levels. A spiritual reading can help to remove the blocks and behaviors we have been carrying through life. 

We all carry the ego part, which consists of the images formed in our minds by our thoughts and feelings. This very much determines how we approach life and all relationships, including those with others and with ourselves. 

A tarot card reading can be a powerful, healing way of self-transformation because it allows us to deprogram ourselves. Without the patterns created by our ego, we are free to be our true selves in the present moment.

A woman sits in meditation or prayer.

Understanding your aura

Our aura contains not only our unique energy but also multiple energies that profoundly influence our physical, mental, and emotional health. These energies are derived from the fields of others which can include our friends, family members, lovers, bosses, and spirits.

When foreign energy dwells within our aura and body, it determines how we feel about ourselves (self-esteem). These energies influence our level of personal freedom and power. They have an impact on our everyday life experiences. While communicating with other people, we exchange different emotions and feelings, which result in a change in our energy field. 

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Who hasn’t felt depressed, upset, or exhausted after talking to a particular person? This is their energy running through your body.

The energetical field is like a structure filled with symbols of information, some of them useful and others that block the energy flow. 

For example, emotions of love can burn with flame and chemistry. Those emotions can stay for many years. They won't disappear if there is no possible way to send them to the addressee. That is why the emotion of love either stays there burning the person or it turns into a deposit (accepted by the other person). So, when emotions have nowhere to go, they turn into stones and occupy all space in the aura, which causes a low energy balance. 

Someone holds a clear crystal in front of them.

Healing emotional blocks

Do you feel like you’re not living your best life? Is your job or the people around you bringing you down? There’s no better time than now to practice self-regulation and heal your emotional blocks. 

To heal emotional blocks, we need to find out the place where this block is located. Then, we need to figure out the amount of energy it takes and shape it into the form of an object. 

After this, we need to remove it from the energetical field. The final action is to fulfill the empty place with positive energy.

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