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The incredible way to shape your tarot reading

The incredible way to shape your tarot reading

If you've read my previous articles, you know how tarot cards can help us in the most unique and useful ways. 

We can combine certain cards with spells and intentions to manifest our desires. This allows the spirits to hear our presence and help us to achieve our goals. 

We can also use tarot to change our lives for the better and reprogram the future.

How do I reprogram the future?

First, I do a reading. If the outcome is undesirable, I ask spirits for permission to change the destiny of the client. 

For example, in a Celtic Cross spread a Hangman Card appeared as an outcome. The spirits tell me there will be a problem achieving the desired target. It will mean a sacrifice of time, effort, and energy for the client, and it will still take a long time.

How do I fix that? I invite my spiritual guidance and replace the Hangman with the 9 of cups instead (or any other card that the High spirit suggests).

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Of course, I need to get into deep meditation to see if the High spirit allows this change to happen.

There are certain cases when they cannot permit that replacement. It's usually only if the person has a karmic impact from a past life and this situation is a lesson they must learn.

This work requires a lot of energy and needs practice and a strong connection with the High spirit. It is a creation of a new version of reality that will bring new changes to the client. 

I can do this manifestation with different spreads, as long as the position of every card is clear. We need to see the link or the missing element. This helps us understand why this situation is so complex and what qualities you bring to it.

This remodeling of the future can help us influence the outcome we desire. 

I like to use this practice in my work because it allows me to engage deeper with my clients. Together, we connect with the spirit through meditation.

Our spirit guides bring blessings. In return, we burn candles or sage and offer them gifts, and other ways to show our appreciation. Only then, do we can replace the cards. The spiritual world likes to help us, but we need to respect the law of karma. 

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