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How releasing negative energy can turn your life around

How releasing negative energy can turn your life around

Your entire body is full of energy. 

Positive energy. Negative energy. Stagnant energy. It's all within you. 

Unfortunately,  we often hang on to that negative energy. In time, it blocks us from having a fulfilling life. The good news is that with the right cleansing ritual or an energy healer, you can fix your energetic field.

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A body of bad energy

Every relationship, no matter what kind, leaves behind vibrational energy stored within us. If the relationship caused you deep emotional pain, then this is stored as negative energy. This stored negative energy can go back as far as childhood and deprives you of joy in your daily life.

Often, the person who hurt you still has an ‘attachment’ to you, especially if haven't forgiven them or let go of them mentally. I call these attachments energy cords. They affect our current and future relationships. They may cause you to unintentionally block people out and make others feel you're unapproachable.

Meanwhile, you're asking what's wrong with me? Am I not good enough? Am I unlovable? Will I ever be worthy of a truly loving relationship? Is every relationship doomed to fail?

In my opinion, the most painful energy or emotion is rejection from a loved one, especially a romantic relationship that had ended badly. Betrayal. Abuse. Unresolved issues. These all leave behind bad vibes that get buried deep in your physical body.

Spiritual healing with self-love

How you feel about yourself manifests in who or what you attract. You might be in an endless loop of bad relationships because that is what you are projecting, and therefore, attracting. Eventually, you might just give up on love and think that you’re better off alone. It's a lonely and unhealthy way to live.

We are humans. We all need that special someone to spend our life journey with. To be our companion and lover. I realized that I had been blocking any form of relationship due to trust issues. That’s when I started studying the subject. I wanted to find out how to release my fears, love, and be loved again. I wanted to find my soulmate, my partner for life.

I had to reflect on past love. What were the positives and negatives aspects of those relationships? I figured out it was mostly negatives. The worst ones were when I was cheated on. There emerged a pattern of the type of person I was attracted to and it's clear to me now those partners weren't a good fit for me. The relationships would never have lasted. 

Cutting toxic cords

These relationships were long gone and never coming back So, why did I still think about them? Why did they still hurt? That’s when I learned about stored energy and cord-cutting.

Cord-cutting is a way to finally release negative energy. I started practicing meditations on cord-cutting. Every toxic cord I mentally cut made me feel lighter and happier. I began to love myself more. I changed my vibrations through my own spiritual practice and turned bad energy into positive vibes.

Another energy-healing technique is to say out loud that the person who hurt me is no longer in my reality. Speak these words while you visualize the cord that links you being cut and the stored negative energy being released. You can also cleanse your energy field and release attachments by writing down everything you want to say to them, but don't send the letter. Get your feelings down on paper, then forgive them and throw the letter away. 

These methods for healing energies can improve your quality of life. Releasing negative vibes cleanses the flow of energy within you. You'll be able to open your heart, trust others, accept love, and attract happiness. Healing your energy is the first step to finding your true soulmate.

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