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Advisor Robyn


Hi there!

 I offer a four-card tarot reading where most other readers offer only a three-card reading, I help you answer those questions that have been bothering you like do I love him? Does he love me? Will we ever be happy again? 

With true and honest relationship advice, I help you interpret those dreams that have been bothering you with questions like what does this mean us it symbolic to my current situation, is it really going to be that easy, without sugar costing the true meaning behind the dream, I also offer clairvoyance, for me to do this I need to be able to connect with you my client and build up a relationship with you so that I can Channel the person you seek to have contact with, sometimes it's a face or a letter I see in my dreams helps me to connect with you, please be open with such relevant information so that your psychic experience with me is a true, honest and sincere experience, I want you to feel a connection with me and enjoy this experience and find the answers you seek through the psychic universe. 

Telepathy is a completely different ability, it is not an ability I have wanted to master, being in the minds of others can be a hard place, please do not expect an accurate explanation of what someone is thinking, I cannot give you accuracy on someone's thoughts and actions, however, I will offer you the advice I feel suits your situation. 

It will not always be welcomed, but it will be honest, if you do not like the truth behind the resolution, you do not look for the truth but for the answers, you want to hear.


I am a fourth-generation Clairvoyant, I inherited the ability from my great-great grandmother who lived in England and my great grandmother, grandmother and mother all inherited the ability in different ways, I was able to predict the 1995 rugby world cup final score between South Africa and England with South Africa for the win I was only 10 years old when my mom told me I had the sixth sense and as I grew older I would develop my ability more, eventually I realized I was a clairvoyant when I was in my teens when I started having dreams that came true within days of the dreams, I have much experience in dream interpretation and tarot card readings as my interest peaked at a very young age, I have connected with many on the other side and passed on important messages to friends and family. I would love to connect with your loved ones and pass on the messages they have for you.

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