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Love & Relationships

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Hello and welcome. 💜

I want to help you in any area of your life, by asking your spiritual guides/angels, using my God-given psychic gifts, and using tarot cards only when necessary. 

I have helped many people through dealing with relationship problems, grief, career, family problems, finding love, and more. 

I'm here for you. I treat every customer as a friend. 

If you feel lost, I'm here to help you choose the path that will ease your troubles. This is why I do this. 💖


My services through audio readings are

  • Chakra (negative energy) Cleansing
  • Remote healing 🧘‍♂️
  • Stress meditation ✌🏼
  • Full Tarot card reading - about your whole life for the next month. (try this, it will show you so much) ➡️
  • Birth charts ⭐


I have over 27 years of experience in the spiritual field. From a very young age, I was able to pick up people's emotions but did not understand that they were not mine, and studied to discover why.  This is how I found out that I was a natural empath, and did further studies to help others, and also block the many emotions from others, when I was around strangers, as it can be very overwhelming and you need to practice shutting it down. After many hours of studying spirituality, I am also able to talk to a stranger and find the pain they are struggling with emotionally. When I do this, and with their permission, I can talk to them as if I am getting messages from their angels and helping them heal. 

I have also done readings one on one and while this is rewarding, I wanted to reach as many people as possible and this site is one way to do what I love to do. 

I feel my readings and the feedback I get are helping me every day to improve and hone my skills and I have learned more spiritual gifts than I have learned while doing readings. This makes me feel great and I feel so blessed to have helped those in need.

I am fluent in tarot readings. I also can connect to spirits on the other side for living loved ones, and I have done this many times. My specialty is love and relationships, but I have read and learned about many other topics. 




Sep 21, 2023
Sep 21, 2023
thank you for being so kind and caring❤️ im always so glad we get to talk. pls send mins if possible
Sep 18, 2023
Sep 18, 2023
Sep 18, 2023
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