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Am I dating a narcissist?

Am I dating a narcissist?

Do you have a narcissist in your life?

They are people who feed off others. They will typically go for someone strong emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. This is what they lack. 

A narcissistic relationship can be great at the start. They show you their “kind” and “loving” face and draw you in as a spider draws in its prey. When they know that you love them (and they have captured you), then they will show you their true colors. 

They will start slow, saying all the things you do wrong and never complimenting you. When they see you are upset, they will say they didn’t mean it. Don’t fall for that! 

Your friends and family will most likely point out to you that this person is no good for you, but a narcissist has a way that will blind you from their evil ways. It will go from bad to worse.

A couple having an argument. He waves his arms, she stands with her back inclined head.

Examples of narcissistic behavior: 

  • Prevent you from having friends and alienating you from your family so you feel helpless and trapped
  • Constantly criticize you
  • Constantly lie to you
  • Cheat on you, but accuse you of cheating
  • Narcissistic gaslighting by causing fights over nothing and acting like it’s all your fault
  • Occasionally spoil you with gifts and affection
  • Ghost you randomly
  • Never truly love you
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Eventually, you’ve fallen in love and your narcissist knows it. Yet, they are incapable of real love, so you won’t get any kind of love back. The only time you think they love you is when you threaten to leave. A narcissist will then beg you to stay and act lovingly.

To others, they are a charmer and most people won’t believe anything bad you say about them. A narcissist wears a mask to others but shows you their true self.

A couple of girls turned away from each other.

Narcissistic relationship patterns

Because you love them, you will try your best to live up to their expectations, however, you will never be able to. They get enjoyment in seeing you lonely, upset, and unloved. They will often break agreements with you at the last moment, making up some lie.

They will promise many things and not honor one promise. Their promises are empty like their heart. Eventually, you will either feel weak or get ill, because a narcissist is draining the very love force out of you.

Then when you finally end the relationship, they will call you or message you, telling you they have changed. Please don’t fall for these tricks. Block this person completely.

If they suddenly stop contacting you is because they found another victim. If they contact you later, it’s because they no longer have a victim. These types of people have a hunger to hurt, drain and manipulate constantly otherwise they feel empty.

A couple talk to a therapist. They are both sad. The therapist makes notes.

Can a narcissist change?

My advice is to block the narcissist in your life for good, don’t believe anything they say or promises they make.

A true narcissist will never be able to love, not even themself.

They will drain you until you feel worthless. End it before that happens. They will ignore you when you need love, but demand love and anything that pleases them. It’s always about them. They take but never give.

They will leave all the parenting to you if you have children with a narcissist. Their children are like trophies but they don’t care or love them.

If you dare to challenge a narcissist, they will fight or even threaten you feeling no guilt.

In their world, they are like a god and always right. The way I see then is not as a real human, but as a feeder of human energy. They may look human, but it’s as if they have no soul.

Again and again, they will try all sorts of ways to get hold of you. Do yourself a favor and never go back to a narcissist. Block them in every way totally out of your life.

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Healing from a narcissistic relationship 

Healing from this type of abuse and energy draining along with negative energy will take a long time. Here are some ways you can help yourself heal:

  • Meditation | Guided meditations to heal and rebuild your inner strength
  • Therapy | Talk therapy by phone or text chat
  • Chakra cleansing | Identify which chakras have been affected by the relationship and how to rebalance them
  • Energy work & cord cutting | Break the bonds between yourself and a toxic partner
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Am I Dating a Narcissistic Quiz

Am I Dating a Narcissist Quiz. Read the statements below & answer based on the following scale. My partner is humble & hates to brag.


Congratulations - you have a great partner! Hold on to this one. If there are a couple of behaviors your partner has that make you feel bad, tell them. A relationship like this can withstand open, honest conversation.  


Proceed with caution - no relationship is perfect but yours may require re-evaluation. Which of these behaviors is your partner doing? Some people talk too much about themselves but aren’t really narcissistic, maybe just nervous or excitable. However, someone who is FREQUENTLY faithful but not ALWAYS? That sounds like cause for concern. 


Get help or get out - your relationship is in trouble. It’s hard to say if it’s exactly narcissism or something else but this coupling needs help. If you genuinely care about each other, meet with a relationship counseling together and ask an expert if you’re a healthy match for each other.


Call it quits. This person is giving major narcissistic vibes and you deserve better. End it with them sooner than later so you can start your healing journey. Someone like this will only treat you worse, yet your attachment will continue to grow if you stay with them.


You’ve found a true narcissist. Hopefully, you’ve already ended things but you might be struggling to get away from them for good. Narcissists don’t let go of their victims easily. Get professional advice and even try a cord-cutting ritual to make a permanent break.

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