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How negative energy shows up in the 7 chakras

How negative energy shows up in the 7 chakras

When we hold onto past trauma or pain, the chakras or energy anatomy can cause harm to our bodies and minds.

We've known it for thousands of years. Yet, some of us seem unable to let go. Bad breakups, divorce, emotional pain, trauma, regrets, anger, blame, revenge.

All sorts of things can get stored in your body as negative energy, often things that are not your fault, like:

  • job loss (even years afterward)
  • a lack of physical intimacy, which creates bitterness and low self-esteem
  • chaos and anger between your parents
  • your upbringing, which can cause your inner child to hide away
  • being cheated on

It doesn't end there. Negative energy can result from:

  • indecision
  • abusive relationships
  • distrust
  • grief
  • resentment
  • criticism (including the criticism you give)
  • lies
  • feeling unworthy
  • not learning from experiences
  • loneliness
  • bitterness
  • self-centeredness
  • cowardice
  • guilt
  • lack of self-love
  • lack of faith or spiritualism
  • hatred

Holding on to negative energy

We've all experienced something that created negative energy in our lives. Most of us choose to ignore them or lock them in a box in our minds.

In reality, that negative energy gets stored within us, in different parts of our bodies.

Some of us take antidepressants for years and still experience the emotions we felt in our past. Constant exposure to negative stories on the daily news doesn't help.

Most of us suffer in silence, wearing false smiles on our faces. Yet, we're all experiencing problems with finances, family, friends, security, and self-confidence.

I am sure that most of us are asking ourselves: why must we suffer? Why are we here? Our mission is to love all, to love each other, and be as one. Of course, it's hard to do when negative energy weighs us down and holds us back.

Healing chakra energy

Chakras are the energy centers within us. Negativity can throw them off balance, making us feel physically and mentally unwell. Certain chakras are connected to certain parts of the body and mind.

Chakra balancing can be a safe and encouraging complement to medical treatment, but you should always consult a doctor about any health concerns.

To find of which of your chakras needs attention, consider these symptoms:


Connected to: physical body support, the base of the spine, legs and bones, feet, rectum, and immune system.

Negative energy here may cause: chronic back pain, sciatica, varicose veins, rectal tumors, cancer, depression, and immune system disorders.


Connected to: sexual organs, large intestine, lower vertebrae, pelvis, appendix bladder, and hip area. 

Negative energy here may cause: chronic lower back pain, sciatica, gynecological problems, pelvic pain, sexual potency, and urinary problems.s


Connected to: abdomen, stomach, upper intestines, liver, gallbladder, kidneys, pancreas, adrenal glands, spleen, and middle spine. 

Negative energy here may cause: arthritis, gastric ulcers, colon/intestinal problems, indigestion, anorexia, bulimia, liver dysfunction, hepatitis, and adrenal dysfunction.


Connected to: the heart and circulatory system, lungs, shoulders and arms, ribs, breasts, diaphragm, and thymus gland. 

Negative energy here may cause: congestive heart failure, heart attack, mitral valve prolapse, asthma, allergies, lung cancer, pneumonia, upper back and shoulder pain, and breast cancer.


Connected to: throat, thyroid, trachea, neck vertebrae, mouth, teeth, gums, esophagus, parathyroid and hypothalamus. 

Negative energy here may cause: raspy throat, chronic sore throat, mouth ulcers, gum problems, scoliosis, laryngitis, swollen glands, thyroid problems and throat cancer.


Connected to: brain, nervous system, ears, eyes, nose, pineal gland and pituitary gland. 

Negative energy here may cause: brain tumor, hemorrhage, stroke, neurological disturbances, spinal difficulties, learning disabilities and seizures.


Connected to: muscular system, skeletal system and skin. 

Negative energy here may cause: energetic disorders, depression, chronic unexplained exhaustion, extreme sensitivity to light, sound and other external factors.

How to heal your chakra energy

Not sure which chakra needs work? That’s OK. A professional chakra cleansing session can help. You can also balance your chakra with:

Energy Work

Reiki Healing

Crystal Healing

Chakra Balancing


Rituals, Magic & Spells

Karma and Past Life

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