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The real meaning of the Death tarot card

The real meaning of the Death tarot card

Are you scared to get a tarot reading?

Don’t let the creepier cards in the deck deter you. Most of their meanings are misunderstood. Psychic Shan has the truth (and her interpretation) about the morbid side of the Major Arcana.

There are a tarot card "Death" and candles on the table.

What does the Death tarot card mean?

The Death card is often seen as frightening, but it doesn’t mean physical death. To me, the death card means that something or someone is no longer positively serving you. You might be standing in your way to success in every aspect of your life. 

Depending on the question, when the Death card comes up, it’s usually time for a change. 

What does the death card mean in a love reading?

If it is referring to a romantic loved one, then this normally means to me that it's time to let this person go, as they are blocking your path to true love. If you are struggling to find love, then it's time that you change your mindset, and realize that you may have some blockage from past pain that is stopping you from finding real love. 

In a career, the same applies. Normally it means that it's time for a change in career, position in your job, or even starting your own company. If you are not really concerned with finding a partner, then it means that something else in your life needs to change to meet your full purpose or potential in your life. 

There is a tarot card "The devil".

What does the Devil tarot card mean?

The Devil card is scary at first glance but look closely and you’ll see that the chains around the two people's necks are loose. They are free to leave when they wish. 

The Devil card is related to the old pagan god Pan, who is the god of nature and the natural processes of the natural world. Because we live in such a fast-paced world with so much going on in a negative way on the news and around us, we often lose focus on ourselves. I view this card as related to being stuck in a circumstance where you can free yourself…if you have the willpower to set yourself free. 

The Devil is not controlling you, but you may be controlled by your ego, your attachment to material things or other people that you feel are controlling you. Yet, the chains are loose and you can set yourself free at any point.

Often you need to do some soul work, which means finding out what is blocking you from moving forward in your life, be it relationships (your romantic partner, family member, or a friend), career, finances, or self-love. Past and current trauma can block you from fulfilling the life you desire.  

There is a tarot card "The Tower".

What does the Tower tarot card mean?

The Tower is very similar to The Devil card but more serious. You’re stuck in a prison of your own making, like building walls around yourself, and it’s leading you to destruction. Job loss. Divorce or breakup, rehab, actual prison. 

Whatever the ‘prison’ you have built around you, it's time to act swiftly. On the card, you can see that lightning and people is falling out of the building as it crumbles to the ground. For me, it symbolizes that your higher self/the Universe/God/your Angels are saying that you need to take action to seriously change your life. 

Changing your life can be anything from ending a destructive relationship to changing a job that is depressing you, changing the way that you think of yourself, and releasing old fears and judgment on yourself. Perhaps living a simpler life, one in which you are not constantly in fear, is the solution. Fear can be from not knowing what will happen in the future. From past experiences, you have created this wall around you that is blocking you from experiencing life in the way that we (souls living a human experience) should be: free. 

Release your fears, and face up to what is in your way. Meditate, have a chakra (energy) cleansing, and realize any addictions or restrictions that are in your way. By destroying and letting go of this wall (or fear), you will free yourself. Then you can look around you and see what is left in the rubble of your life, and decide what you want to keep. 

The main objective is to rebuild yourself fully, from the inside out. This takes time, but with guidance from a professional in this field, you can and will be able to rebuild your life and live the life that you so deserve. We all deserve to live a free and drama-free life. Start with you. 

There is a tarot card "Judgement".

What does the Judgment card mean?

This Judgment card may look creepy, but it really means that it's time you wake up from old beliefs. It's what many people are now calling The Awakening. It looks like the end of the world and people are being guided to a new life. What it really means is that it's time that you re-evaluate your belief system and turn away spiritually from that which no longer applies to you

I’m not saying do away with your religion, what I’m actually describing is that it's time to take a new look at your life and decide who you truly are. What do you truly believe in? I believe that we have our higher selves to rely on, and we have guardian angels who are always guiding us. Sometimes, we get so caught up in the material world with all the gadgets and social media, that we forget that we are more than just mere humans, we have a soul and a purpose. Every one of us does. 

Finding out what your purpose is, is normally quite simple. What do you love doing the most? What brings you joy? Is it helping people, helping animals, designing new things, repairing old things, working with money, or being creative? The list goes on. Questions like these can help you find your purpose. If you love children, then your purpose is to care for children. If you love animals, you should do things that will help all animals. 

Change starts with each one of us. Each of us can make a huge change. It doesn’t help to sit back, watch the news and complain about the earth is slowly dying and is slowly killing not just us, but all living beings. We can make a difference. That’s also my dream, that we all wake up (awakening) and realize before it’s too late that our main purpose is to look after our environment, then ourselves, then each other. 

By looking after this earth, we not only protect ourselves and the people we love, we protect everyone and every living being. Our purpose seems to have been forgotten. Find out what yours is. Ask a psychic or advisor today.

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