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Crystals for Depression and Anxiety

Crystals for Depression and Anxiety

With the turning back of the clocks came a reminder of seasons’ change. Not all people experience the changing of the seasons as a welcome experience of renewal and a loving reminder from Mother Nature that everything happens in its time. Some people find the transitions between seasons to unsettle them emotionally and cause spiritual imbalance.

Commonly referred to as winter blues, seasonal transitions can wreak havoc on your mood during the warmer months too.Many people throughout the world are affected. For instance, almost 30% of British adults, 20% of Americans and 35% of Canadians struggle with low mood due to seasonal transitions.

Typically, people are affected due to fewer daylight hours when fall turns to winter. Signs of winter blues may include oversleeping, appetite changes, a craving for foods high in carbs, weight gain or low energy. Though winter blues are most common some people even experience a shift in mood when spring turns to summer. The people that are affected by the spring to summer transition may experiencetrouble sleeping, poor appetite, weight loss or nervousness and anxiety.

Regardless of the season of onset, these unwelcome mood shiftsare caused in part by changes in daylight hours. What is helpful is making sure you have a sleep schedule and bedtime routine in order to ensure you get a healthy balance ofrestorative sleepand daylight hours. Stay hydrated as water nourishes all chakras, specifically the higher chakras. Engage in physical activity to keep your life force energy flowing and spend time in nature to ground yourself and balance your lower chakras.

Healing crystals can be a very helpful part of a wellness regimen and serve an important role in keeping you balanced and aligned and thereby strengthen you against unwelcome mood fluctuations.

Here are some crystals I have found to be particularly helpful for my clients struggling with the blues and depressed feelingsor tension and anxiety:

Amethyst is a wonderful all-purpose healer. You can palm it, place it on your forehead or lay with it resting above your head. Amethyst helps heal any psychic or emotional pain and turmoil you may be struggling with. This stone is also a powerful tool in calming the mind and transmuting stress.

Carnelian is a fantastic stone to palm or place on your belly. It helps increase feelings of positivity and proactivity, giving you a much-needed energy boost to get moving and engage in life’s pleasures. Carnelian is also a handy tool when one needs to muster the perseverance to overcome challenging situations.

Citrine is a very helpful stone when it comes to repressed emotions, like anger, frustration and anxiety. Palm it or place it on your stomach below your rib cage for a resurgence of positive emotion, self-worth and motivationor to transmute worry, stress and negativity.

Rose quartz is another all-purpose healer, found often in jewelry and carved pieces you can meditate with. Rose Quartz is a multi-purpose stone that aids us when we are feeling blue by connecting us to the unconditional love of Spirit and unblocking self-love as well. When you hold this healing stone, or place it on your chest, you will connect with feelings of forgiveness for others and yourself, making it the ideal crystal to help you dispel past emotional baggage.

Tiger’s Eye is a personal favorite of mine and is a powerful talisman that I always carry with me. This stone raises your frequency when placed on your stomach space, worn as an amulet or even used as a palm stone during meditation. It is a beacon of courage, self-worth, personal will power and strength. Tiger’s Eye is also beneficial when you need to clear your mind and focus on practical solutions in trying times.

Crystals are a low-cost effective tool when used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle. As a certified crystal healer, I encourage you to experiment with crystal combinations to suityour individual needs. If you have questions about the crystals you can benefit from reach out to a certified crystal healer, such as myself, and unlock the powerful therapeutic potential that has been sealed inside.

Love All, Harm None,

Binah Love