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Best Gifts for Someone Who Loves Tarot

Best Gifts for Someone Who Loves Tarot

Who doesn't love tarot cards? Inspiring, versatile, and beautiful. You can find tarot gifts for almost anyone you know.

Osho Zen 

If there's a tarot deck to inspire self-care, it's the Osho Zen. 

Based on the philosophies of spiritual teacher Osho (1931-1990), the cards also take inspiration from Zen Buddhism and inspire us to live in the moment. 

An Osho Zen tarot reading is ideal for self-reflection and personal transformation. 

Treat someone to an Osho Zen tarot reading with Sancheo or Bright Psychic!

Oracle Cards

If you're looking for a card reading that's as unique as you are, find an advisor who uses Oracle cards.

Typical tarot cards are structured and follow a specific set of rules, but Oracle cards do their own thing. Decks tend to have anywhere from 36 to 64 cards and often follow a theme represented in their artwork, like animals, life events, people, and more. 

Treat someone to an Oracle card reading today with Amanda or Alethia

Crowley Cards 

Is your self-care journey centered on self-discovery? Then a Crowley card reading is for you.

The creation of occultist Aleister Crowley, these cards are ideal for introspection, spiritual quests, esoteric work, and your personal path. 

Want to broaden the interests of a typical tarot user? Treat them to a reading with the intensely esoteric Crowley Thoth tarot card deck with Donna Rose or Crystal.