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Before You Do a Manifestation Spell Read This!

Before You Do a Manifestation Spell Read This!

We are always manifesting.

The way I have experienced life so far, what you think becomes your reality. 

I have so many personal examples of this. Here is one of them: 

I wanted a job and I had been hunting for jobs everywhere. So, I decided that I would manifest a new job because I needed it urgently.


I waited for the new moon, wrote down the salary I wanted on a piece of paper, then burnt it. Very shortly after that, I received a phone call. I had no idea which company or job agency it was from. I was offered an interview, and with excitement, I got dressed smartly, and off I went. 

The manager who interviewed me spoke to me very briefly. He smiled a lot mainly about my resume but did not ask me many questions which I found strange. He just said that I have a brilliant resume and appeared calm and friendly. I left the interview thinking if I get the job, GREAT! If not that's okay, I will keep on applying.

Not more than a week later I received another call from the same company. They asked me to come in again and I thought it was for a second interview. When I got there, the HR manager asked me to sign papers and provide my fingerprints for forensic purposes. What was amazing is that the amount on the offer that they gave me was the exact same amount that I had 'asked' the moon for!


I was so excited, that I signed the papers straight away with happiness. I was smiling from ear to ear, laughing and astonished at the same time while I drove home. 

I started the job and immediately noticed that something was not right. People's energies were down, I could sense it. They also looked very stressed and I could sense that they were not happy at all. 

The manager gave me a book of over 3,000 pages to read through. I took my time reading it over and over. It was a legal document that made absolutely no sense to me at that time. So, I highlighted everything and now I know it thoroughly. I started to then put actions in place, which was my job, to implement the legal requirements into the IT systems. 

However, the energy around the environment in the office was still bothering me. I tested this theory, by going outside the building. Outside, the energy was perfect and calm. I went back into the office and again picked up negative stressful energy. 


The air conditioner was blowing cold air, so that was not it. It made me think, what is the reason? I looked around me and everyone was sad. So, I started to take on the role of the leader by gently talking to them about their problems. Instead of performing my role, I helped them to calm down. It cheered me up at the same time. It was going well but then I started to feel sick.

The manager didn't like that I was helping his staff. He practically thought that he owned them, which is why I call him a manager and not a leader. That was making me feel depressed and physically sick, and I did not want to go back there. I started staying at home and avoiding going to work. I did not even want to step back into his environment. He sat in the front, like a king, with his feet up and very impressed with himself. 

Here’s what I learned from this experience:

On the piece of paper, I had only written what I wanted to be paid monthly. What I needed to do was be very specific about what I wanted in my work environment. I wanted calm, harmony, money, a leader not a manager, time to enjoy lunch, and not have a set schedule. I also wanted to be a leader, or rather a mentor, and not boss people around like the manager I mentioned. 


So, my dear readers. You don't have to wait for the moon. You can light a candle, and think carefully about what you want in your life. It can be anything: love, career, money, travel, something else. Imagination is so powerful! Then blow out the candle. (There's a reason why we make a wish on our birthdays, and then blow out the candles!). 

You can also write it out in detail on paper. Again, be very detailed about what you want in your life. On paper, I normally write out each wish or desire on separate pieces of paper and then burn it with care and send it off into the universe. I keep what I have written down separately, and cross each one out as they manifest. 

Test it out! 

Manifestation means attraction. Attract what you want. Use positive words only. "I attract money, serenity, love, comfort, world peace, healing the earth with all her beautiful creatures, etc." 

Your thoughts attract what you want in your life. Be careful not to use any negative words or thoughts in your day-to-day life. What you think you attract, and what you write you attract. Think, write or draw happiness and attract positivity!



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