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What happens when you meet your twin flame?

What happens when you meet your twin flame?

Many clients tell me they dream of meeting their twin soul or soulmate

Let me emphasize that there is a difference between those two. You are in for a surprise and might not always like what you encounter, so be careful what you wish for!  

The road to a relationship with your twin flame can be long and painful and requires a lot of understanding and patience. The specific problems associated with these relationships often make it difficult to come together. 

An 'ordinary' relationship is generally easier. However, when twin souls really come together, there is nothing more beautiful. 

Are twin flames real?

More and more people are meeting their twin souls to complete their incarnation cycle and to merge once again. Getting into a relationship with each other is always the intent of the universe. It may feel like coming home but a relationship with your twin flame can stir up strong emotions and have a major impact on your life. 

Often you enter into a 'battle' that you think will never work out. You want to let go of the person because it is so difficult but you can't because the bond is so deep that no one else can take its place. Family and friends don't understand your relationship. They often tell you to move on with your life and let go of this person but that is impossible for you and almost impossible to explain to someone who has not experienced this. 

What is the difference between a twin flame and a soulmate?

A twin soul originates from a single soul that has been split into one or multiple parts. A soulmate is a soul that is a part of a much larger soul group, also named the soul family. 

You shared one or even multiple lives with several members of your soul family. As a result, you have often built a deep bond together and you recognize each other in the next life. A soulmate does not only have to be a life partner, but can also be a family member, friend, acquaintance, and even a pet. It’s any soul with whom you immediately feel a click or with whom you have a sense of recognition. 

With a twin soul, you often have shared several lives. Therefore you have this feeling with your twin soul. This attraction is much stronger in every way because you have been one soul together. You mirror a piece of soul to each other and recognize many things. It is an overwhelming experience. 

With soulmates, you will experience spiritual growth by constantly returning to earth and sharing experiences. 

Characteristics of a Twin Flame relationship

The difference with twin souls is that due to circumstances it has often not been possible to stay together for a long time in past lives. 

You feel one with your twin soul. There are many landmarks and you feel and think the same. You have energetic and telepathic contact with your twin soul. There is an undeniable great physical attraction between the two of you. The need to literally merge is enormous. 

Sex is the highway to the light. Sex without guilt, shame, or regret. Uninhibited sex changes the influence of social norms and values, making sex a way to be completely free, detached from the earth, and on the way to a life in love and harmony. Sex with your twin soul feels so natural and comfortable. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. 

How to overcome twin flame separation 

The universe may send you signs your twin flame is communicating with you on an energetic level. For example, you might constantly encounter his or her name. 

It’s possible to be emotionally confused. This is because you have gone through many lives together in which it was difficult to unite, maybe due to differences in status, war, or death.

A problem I often hear from people is that one of them is still in a relationship that they can't let go of because they still have things to finish with their current partner. 

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There are also often many unprocessed emotions towards each other. If one is further along in processing these emotions than the other, problems can arise. This happens regularly because there is a difference in growth and awareness. 

It then requires a lot of patience and understanding from the person who is already further in this. This often results in the attraction and repulsion of each other. The magnetic attraction and the deep emotional bond between twin souls ensure that twin souls come together. This coming together also ensures that unprocessed emotions from past lives or this life come up, such as anger, fear, and sadness.

One of the two may experience great fear when feeling these emotions so this person flees from the situation. Or there is a great fear of losing each other, resulting in great fear of commitment and/or separation.

This escape behavior can manifest itself by refusing to leave a relationship with someone other than your twin flame, cheating, or avoiding contact. Long times of silence and no contact are therefore not strange in the run-up to the relationship of twin souls with each other. 

Will you meet your twin soul?

The idea of being with your twin soul, happily dreaming together on cloud nine, is beautiful. On the other hand, the relationship is also always characterized by tension and sometimes pain and sadness. 

As mentioned, more and more people meet their twin flame or soulmate. The energy of the earth is spinning faster and faster and the time of transformation and duality is passing. By meeting your twin flame or soulmate it is a challenge to create a life in love, harmony, and unity.

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