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Can your psychic predict the future?

Can your psychic predict the future?

Many people ask for a future prediction during a consultation with me. Most questions are about love, but also relationships, money, work, and children.

I can give a prognosis for the future and things will happen as indicated by my guides and in the cards. But every person is responsible for their own actions.

Although I won’t deny that some things are orchestrated and guided by above, you still decide how you want to deal with it. Not all things in life are fixed and maybe that's a good thing.

The power of free will

You are here to learn your lessons and realize all your own dreams and goals. If everything was already predetermined, what goals would you still set for yourself? Why should you still dream and make plans? When you reach a goal you've worked hard for, be proud of what you made happen. We determine and change the course of our lives ourselves. We have the power to make dynamic changes.

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We all have life questions that keep us up at night sometimes. Questions we want answered. Often, we know the answer, but we are looking for confirmation or peace of mind. Perhaps we face a bit of insecurity as well. We are all human beings. We all have our imperfections and doubts. Remember to have faith in the universe. Ask for help from above, from our departed loved ones, the angels, and our guides. In doing so, we'll get the answers we seek.

An uncertain future

Make your own choices. That's how you learn your life’s lessons and can look back on highs and lows. It is exactly because of this that you gain so much insight, wisdom, and life experience.

That's why predicting the future with certainty is not always possible. Nothing is certain. You can influence the things that happen in your life with your decisions and intentions.

Still, I am allowed to pass on messages from above. I do a spread and read the cards. I get insights from my guides for my clients.  This is how I answer the questions you ask.  I can give you messages, advice, and possible solutions to whatever you're facing or will face.

Above all, you decide whether you want to accept and apply the information you have received or follow a different path. The intention is always to listen to you and help you on your way so that you get where you want to be.

Insight from above

I trust the other side and the information they give to me. And with this knowledge, you can change these messages about your life. You can influence the things that happen in your own life. You can take charge and walk a different path.

Whatever decision you make, it’s your life’s lesson that you can experience and learn from and you have your own say in it!

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