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Soulmate versus twin flame connections

Soulmate versus twin flame connections

We all want to fall in love. Not just romance or a short-term thing, but genuine true love. When we find someone special, it’s only natural to want this person to be our “once in a lifetime” love. We want someone with whom we share a soul connection and that’s very possible to achieve — everyone has a soulmate. Yet, there’s another kind of love many of us seek: the twin flame connection. While soulmates have an innate link to one another, twin flames are two halves of a shared soul. 

What is a twin flame?

We don’t have just one soulmate in our lifetime, but we do only have one twin flame and not many people every find theirs. According to Greek myth, humans were once four legs, four arms and two heads. The god Zeus punished humanity by splitting everyone in half, dividing their souls. Those souls spend their lives searching for one another. When they finally meet, it’s a twin flame connection. 

It’s said that when you are reunited your twin flame, your life is forever changed. A twin flame relationship isn’t easy. It will be a deeply intense love but it can also be tumultuous. Your twin flame is a mirror image of you, the yin to your yang. They reflect our weaknesses and insecurities and shine light on our darker parts. Because of this, a twin flame relationship can fosters self-discovery and brings tremendous emotional growth. It’s genuine, true love.

What is a soulmate?

Your twin flame is hard to find. Very few people will ever meet theirs, but it doesn’t mean you won’t find the love of your life in your soulmate. Very often, it’s a soulmate that makes for the best partner. They support us and make us feel good.   

A soulmate is someone with whom we share a deep connection. A friend to the soul. When you meet, you’ll immediately feel an intense bond, like you already know each other. You trust them and can confide in them. You can be your true self around them. 

We can have more than one soulmate in our lifetime, and it’s not always a romantic connection. Sometimes a soulmate is a lifelong partnership but it can also be someone who enters our life for a period of time to help, encourage guide us. 

Whether you’re in a soulmate or twin flame relationship, the ultimate purpose is to help us reach our full potential. These connections can be challenging but the payoff can be truly fulfilling. If you’re searching for a soul connection, Zodiac Psychics features many expert advisors specializing in soulmate and twin flame relationships — you never know when yours may be right around the corner!