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Clearing Emotional Blocks: Tips on Chakra Balancing

Clearing Emotional Blocks: Tips on Chakra Balancing

Chakras are sources of energy in your physical body. These energy nodes act as gates that control the flow of energy in and out of you.

This spiritual energy comes from your soul. That is our largest source of energy. From our soul, every chakra in our body is supplied with energy and information. The human body has seven major energy points that provide our organs and our aura with energy. We call these chakras.

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A chakra is seen as the central place of life energy. Together they form larger and smaller nodes, in which the energy channels converge. A chakra looks like a funnel with the tip pointing towards the body, widening outwards.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning "wheel". There are at least 27 chakras, but the system we're familiar with in the Western world focuses on seven major chakras. These seven chakras can help balance our mental health and physical health. 

The girl sits in the forest on a stone in the lotus position and meditates.

The power of chakras

The chakras and the energy they release affect our state of bodies, minds, and emotions.

Are you experiencing stress, tension, sadness, illness, anxiety, depression, and unprocessed emotions? Are you struggling to deal with it? A dysfunctional chakra could be part of the problem. The energy can therefore no longer properly flow.

Chakras get blocked and this can cause an imbalance in our whole body. You may experience physical issues. A possible example of this is someone who cannot express himself properly due to a traumatic experience and has a constricted feeling in his throat. The throat chakra is blocked and the energy cannot flow properly. The words do not come out.

A chakra blockage requires chakra balancing. You can try a chakra meditation, chakra yoga poses, crystal healing, or talk to a professional energy healer

Understanding the chakras

Are you wondering which of your energy centers needs energy healing? Before you start your chakra healing journey, find out what parts of your mind and body they each connect to.  

1 | Root Chakra 

Color | Bright red
Element | Earth
Physical connection | legs, bones, intestines

This first chakra is located at the bottom of the spine in men and between the ovaries in women. This is the only chakra with a location different for men and women. When the chakra is open you feel grounded, firm, and stable. If the chakra is not open properly, you can feel anxious, nervous, and rushed.

2 | Sacral Chakra

Color | Orange
Element | Water
Physical connection | genitals, kidneys, uterus, bladder

The second chakra is located in the lower abdomen just below the belly button near the genitals, hips, and lower back. This chakra connects to sexuality and emotion. When this chakra is open, you can let emotions flow freely and express them without getting too emotional. You are open to intimacy and you are passionate. You feel lively and you know what you want. 

3 | Solar Plexus Chakra

Color | Yellow
Element | Fire
Physical connection | muscles, digestive system

The third chakra is located at the level of the belly button. This chakra connects to willpower, force, thought, ego, and how we deal with emotions. If the chakra is not open properly, you won't fully experience joy and you'll feel closed off or frigid. If this chakra is sufficiently open, you are spontaneous and you have enough self-esteem. If this chakra is closed, you feel shy and have little self-confidence or feel indecisive. 

4 | Heart Chakra

Color | Green
Element | Air
Physical connection | hands, lungs, arms, heart

The fourth chakra is located in the center of the chest. The heart chakra represents love, kindness, affection, and self-love. If it is open, you are empathetic, kind, and able to form harmonious relationships. If the chakra is not open, you may have little feeling for others, be shy and feel lonely. 

5 | Throat Chakra

Color | Blue
Element | Sound
Physical connection | mouth, arms, ears, hands, throat

As the name implies, the fifth chakra is located in the throat at the bottom of the larynx. The throat chakra connects to your ability to express yourself and say what's on your mind. If this chakra is not open, it is often difficult to talk about matters that concern you. 

6 | Third Eye Chakra 

Color | Purple/Indigo
Element | Light
Physical connection | eyes

The sixth chakra is located between the eyes on the forehead. This chakra is used by clairvoyants and psychics. They can see your aura and chakra colors. If this chakra is sufficiently open, you have good insight, good intuition, and can visualize well. With a chakra that is not open properly, you have no insight and you can be forgetful. You may also have a lot of headaches.

7 | Crown Chakra 

Color | pink/lilac/purple/white
Element | Information and knowledge
Physical connection | the nervous system and cerebral cortex

The seventh chakra is located at the top (or crown) of the head. When this chakra is sufficiently open, you are unbiased and aware of yourself. This chakra also represents wisdom. People are often in touch with their intuition and paranormal skills. If this chakra is not open properly, you often have difficulty learning and you are not open to spirituality.

Two other important chakras are:

The Hand Chakra | Located between the thumb and forefinger, this chakra gives us energy when working with our hands. A magnetizer works with these chakras to remove excess energy or add energy.

The Foot Chakra | These help you to be well connected to the earth. If these chakras are closed, you can suffer from cold feet because the energy of the earth cannot flow.

Chakra healing for aura protection

The aura is an energetic field around people, animals, plants, and objects.

There are always changing energies (seen as colors) in your aura. Your aura's energetic field constantly reflects your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual situation. That's why it's in constant motion, changing color, intensity, and size.

It has seven different layers and seven different colors of the rainbow. Each layer is connected to a chakra. Our chakras absorb the energy of the outside world, the earth, and the cosmos. We absorb other people's energies, especially their thoughts and feelings. Their energies come into our consciousness and we think these are our own thoughts and feelings. Using chakra energy, you can protect yourself well against negative energy from other people. 

Chakra healing with crystals

Crystals can help us balance and cleanse chakras and auras.

We've known the benefits of crystals, gemstones, and minerals for centuries. Each is connected to elements of our body, mind, and soul. The crystal you use should match your issue or intent.

There are different ways to choose a crystal. You might choose based on a color and the chakra that matches it, your zodiac sign, or what the crystal represents. The most important thing is actually to rely on your own intuition or feeling. Which crystal gives you a good feeling? Which stone do you like the most? This is the best way to find the crystals you need right now. 

For optimal operation, it is wise to clean gemstones before use and to recharge them once in a while. Bury them in a layer of soil in the garden, place them somewhere outside when the moon is full, or wash them off with lukewarm water. Each stone has its own instructions for use. If a crystal breaks or loses its color, it is better to choose a new one. You can use crystals in chakra jewelry that correspond to the energy centers, put one in your pocket, or keep it in your space. 

The subtle effect of crystals promotes the functioning of the individual chakras and balances them with each other.

Make a spiritual connection with an energy healer

Ernest is a psychic, counselor, and spiritual life coach. His natural abilities and connection with spirit guides help him read energy fields. Ernest understands these vibrations and what kind of energy healing they require. Spiritual healing in the hands of an energy worker can improve your emotional health and help you discover your personal power. 

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