Clairvoyance 812 Advisors

The English word "clairvoyance" has its roots in the French language and means "clear vision." Clairvoyance is used to describe the ability to see actions or objects outside of the range of the known senses. Those believed to be in possession of this psychic gift have occasionally been instrumental in locating missing persons and objects, and numerous anecdotes exist throughout the world of how people with this particular psychic power have used it in various ways. However, the definition of clairvoyance isn't limited to its literal interpretation -- some people who experience this type of extrasensory perception hear things rather than see them, and this ability is referred to as clairaudience.

Other types of clairvoyance include clairsentience, which describes a emotional response to people or situations that have no logical catalyst. Claircognizance is a close relation to clairsentience which describes an unexplainable feeling that a certain piece of information is true. Dreams and visions that occur during sleeping or while meditating are also believed in some circles to be forms of clairvoyance.