Angel Cards 479 Advisors

Angel cards are another sacred oracle we can consult for guidance and help. While a reading is similar to a Tarot reading, instead of relying on the card reader’s intuitive skills for guidance, in an Angel card reading you petition and invoke your own personal Guardian Angels, spirit guides, or departed loved ones to counsel you. Some seekers really enjoy the more “elevated” and gentle energies that these readings carry. This is understandable because the angelic realms contain a more refined, gentle, and compassionate energetic presence. Angels support and protect us, guiding and guarding. This is a wonderful way to open up a conduit of communication with the Angel kingdom.

There are many different Angel Card decks. Some psychics are drawn to work with Doreen Virtue’s many offerings. Decks are designed specifically for healing, dream work, abundance, daily guidance, past life exploration, and even specially created decks for children and Indigos.

Angels have specific job descriptions and areas of expertise in their realms, just as we do in ours. Michael is the masculine warrior, “cut right through it” angel, often shown with his sword and petitioned when we need help in making tough decisions or feel the need for protection. The color blue is often associated with Michael. Gabriel is the angel of Annunciation invoked when matters involving mothers, children, and communication are pressing on us. Raphael carries a green energy and is strongly linked with nature spirits and healing.

Angels are mediating messengers responsible for looking after humanity and ministering to our needs. They are always available to help and guide us, and are on perpetual stand-by, waiting for us to invite them in.