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In Search of True Love: Understanding Soul Connections

In Search of True Love: Understanding Soul Connections

Are you looking for "the one"?

It can be hard to know when you have met the right person. Maybe you connected so well with someone and think they are or were your soulmate. Thinking of past mistakes can be difficult, but perhaps they were never mistakes at all. Everyone you meet is for a reason. And everyone you meet leads you to your one true love. 

Sure, true love is called many things: soulmates, twin flames, twin souls, karmic companions, etc. They are all different (with some similarities) and all significant. 


For instance, soulmates and twin flames both refer to being with that one special person, but one is harder than the other. 

No union is easy, that’s for sure. When you have a soulmate, you usually connect or meet in some way at a young age. It's a love story that really wows others. Sometimes you may know your soulmate before coming together and not even know it yet. 

A twin flame is another match that's meant to be, but it's not easy. Twin flames have obstacles to overcome before they can be together but are never able to let go or forget each other. You're always connected even without communication. Your energy fully controls the dynamics of the union. 

There’s always a runner in a twin flame union. But the runner only runs until the energy is balanced with both ready and able to come together peacefully and beautifully. It’s harder because of the work involved, but it is so worth it. 

Twin souls are very similar to twin flames but the main difference is that the pair of lovers are the same in many ways.

Want to have a lot in common with your true love? Then you may have a twin soul connection in your future. What we want is already meant for us. It just might not be exactly how or when we want it to be. If you like having things in common with your lover, then you are meant to have a twin soul in your life. 


Karmic connections are something that everyone gets in their lives. It refers to someone you connected with briefly but it didn't work out. These relationships can be good in their own way but are mainly meant to teach us something. There's something to learn in every union.

Karmic relationships are the hardest because they leave us with unanswered questions, sometimes wondering what could have been. Don't expect closure from a karmic union. We are mainly meant to piece it together, learn from it, and accept that it wasn’t meant to be. Easier said than done of course. Karmic unions help us grow more than any other as an individual. They prepare us for what we are meant to have in life and love. 


Not everyone will experience all of the above in their lifetimes. We only get one or the other. It is determined by our destiny and our destiny is much of what we already feel. Our desires exist for a reason. We connect with people who were meant for us all along, even if it's not how or when we expected.

Situations may be similar but each union is unique. Twin flame relationships all share that feeling of being meant for each other, unable to let go of the other. 

If you prefer to take your time and focus on having fun in whatever way you choose until the right one comes, then a twin flame may be the right connection for you.

If you find yourself to be a hopeless romantic who's always loved love and wanted it since a younger age, then you're meant to have a soulmate in your life. 

It is important to remember that no connection is more special than the other. It’s just what our destiny has in store. Whether you're looking for true love or not, when it’s right for you and you're truly ready, what happens is perfect timing!

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Good things really do take time
Good things really do take time

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Psychic Cilla Spotlight

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