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I'm an intuitive tarot and gypsy card reader. I do real, personalized readings. Also, I am I Ching and pendulum consultant. I offer deep insights in any kind of situation, especially when relationships, love and any other kind of partnerships are in question. I can offer meaningful insights about future events and general life directions, giving advice what is the best way to proceed. I can help people decide between choices, help them decide right, help them to avoid problems and bad outcomes. I am also a practitioner of traditional astrology. I can answer all of yours specific question via Horary astrology. I'm extremely down to earth and my readings are realistic. I objectively look at a client's situation and try to unravel patterns. I combine different divination tools in order to get the full picture. Tools I use are various cards decks, such as Rider Waite Tarot, Gypsy fortune telling cards, Lenormand cards, Sibillia Della Zingara Bohemian Gypsy cards deck, pendulum, horary astrology and if needed I ching. Sometimes runes too. Finding missing objects and persons is something that personally moves me. I can also help you about meanings of your dreams. The only thing I don’t like to do and don’t like to answer are health questions since responsibility is too great. I also do not like to give direct instructions about what person should do, since a client is the one with the last word in deciding what to do. Choices and decisions are always on the client. Always. I can present him/her with tendencies and general insights. I’m not religious but deeply believe in God , Deus ex Machina or an Unexpected force that suddenly appears and fixes things, so I become aware that no divination system can really enter into far future and that our free will has a main role in our lives. All major life changes can be only partly predicted and definite outcomes cannot be seen, which is good because we always have space and time and means to willingly decide about situation that bothers us. After all, our lives are subject to unexpected factors and surprises, fortunes as well as misfortunes, and no psychic can change that or intervene.


I have 20 years experience in Tarot cards and Gypsy fortune telling cards. From 1999 I have been practicing I Ching. I was interested in divination since my early teenage years, along with psychology, psychiatry and criminal forensic psychology. Learning almost all major world's divination systems was a logic consequence. My first passion was the Chinese Book of Change(**), I ching, which introduced me to a change pattern. I implement it a lot in my readings, Tarot is a great tool for seeing present life phase, along with Astrology. Fortune telling cards are interesting way to enter into everyday events. I have many satisfied private clients, with whom I cooperate for years. They are asking me for insight and guidance every time the problem jumps out. I love to analyze dreams and my extra focus goes on finding missing persons and objects. I learnt to read very early. By my 4th birthday I was able to read very fluently, so books became my obsession and by the time I went to high school, I had already read most of the novels available in local libraries. When I was about 13-14, I had already started to seriously read about psychology, psychiatry etc. So Jung gave me a plenty of material to think about divination and esoteric. It was a period of end of primary school when I already was deeply interested in subjects such as archetypes, how things work from inside, psyche, soul investigations, and, of course, insight into the future. Many things were subjects of my intensive learning: I Ching was my first divination love, then Astrology came along, then Tarot cards, Gypsy fortune telling cards, and pendulum too. Concentration exercises made miracles for my intuition, brought me even to a state of visions of exact future scenes and exact sentences someone will say. I've also had strong symbolic dreams. But....I’m a pragmatic person, standing firmly, with both feet on the ground, not letting the other side rule over the real, everyday world, so advice I give you will never be too spiritual, but very realistic and earthy. I’m not part of any spiritual beliefs nor any spiritual school, nor group. I’m just an individual with specific interests in divination.

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