I'm an intuitive tarot and gypsy card reader. I do real, personalized readings. Also, I am I Ching and pendulum consultant. I offer deep insights in any kind of situation, especially when relationships, love and any other kind of partnerships are in question. I can offer meaningful insights about future events and general life directions, giving advice what is the best way to proceed. I can help people decide between choices, help them decide right, help them to avoid problems and bad outcomes. I am also a practitioner of traditional astrology. I can answer all of yours specific question via Horary astrology.


I have 17 years experience in Tarot cards and accurate Gypsy fortune telling cards. From 1999 I have been practicing I Ching. I have many satisfied private clients, with whom I cooperate for years. They are asking me for insight and guidance every time the problem jumps out. I'm interested in divination since childhood.

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thank you for this reading I appreciate it. I will take your advise sending u a great big hug
love talking to this women
I dont speak Russian
can u send me free mins plz
please let me know when il meet new man
Ena thank you I’ll be back to finish up. It truly never fails with what you tell me, it definitely always seem to come to pass.
thank you Ena. your accuracy is always on target. talk soon
very amazing and accurate
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