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Hello I'm Aurora and I am a Psychic Medium and Intuitive Life Coach

My  Readings start with a visual scan of your energy and I clear out any blocks or otherwise that I see and also I balance your chakras so that you do feel more confident but also able to have a clear path to what choice you choose to make. I am very honest and compassionate however I  will not sugarcoat or tell you what you want to hear. I am here to guide you and see your growth from our sessions. 

 A Full In Depth Reading Requires Longer Than Three Minutes, I Do Not Provide Free Readings Unless You Have Received a Coupon From Me and Returning To Complete The Session, . The Rules For My Readings Are Simple This is A Space For Healing and Growth And Any Disrespect or Inappropriate Behavior Will Not Be Tolerated and Will Result In The Chat Ending. Thank You For Your Understanding In This Matter. 
My Specialty Areas Are Love, Relationships, Childhood and Adult Trauma, Family Issues, and Wellness. I Do Not Provide Career Advice.

Contact me today and ask about the available in-chat services I can offer you: 

      * Intuitive Life Coach Session( An Hour Assessment And Action Plan Provided)  

      * Distant Healing Session ( Chanting and Praying Session I Perform For Healing)

      *Body Language Analysis( This Is A Service Where I Analyze A Picture of Someone You Provide And Give You My Assessment of Their Intentions) 


I am very in tuned with the spirit world and this was very apparent after the sudden and untimely death of my father many years ago. I have practiced both on and offline with private clients for many years. Using my knowledge of relationships, counseling and wellness I provide a comprehensive reading with the assistance of my spirit guides who reveal images and messages to give to you. I also have my degree in Communications and I am a Yoga and Wellness Coach. All Sessions With Me And All Information Shared Is And Will Remain Confidential.  No Medical, Legal or Financial Advice Is Permitted, If you are having an emergency please call 911 or your local authorities 
📅 Availability Is Monday-Friday After 11 am EST, Some Weekends. 

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to meeting you! 
 Never Stop Learning and Growing In Your Spiritual Quest, Be Kind To Yourself And Each Other. 🕉️✨🙏

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Great Read..Thank you
Sep 24, 2022
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so awesome!! truthful and accurate. love her
Sep 21, 2022
Sep 21, 2022
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