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Six Sacred Ways to Celebrate Diwali

Six Sacred Ways to Celebrate Diwali

One of Hinduism’s most spectacular and sacred festivals takes place on October 19th this year, although it’s really a lavish, colorful, and boisterous five-day celebration. Diwali, also known as "Deepawali" in Sanskrit, is India’s most important holiday and is celebrated nationwide, not just by Hindus. Buddhists, Sikhs, and Jains also enjoy this national festival.

Each region and individual community has its own unique way of commemorating the holiday. However, what they do share in common is the dominant theme of the Diwali festival: the victory of good over evil. All of the many exciting rituals and elaborate practices are designed to commemorate the prevailing of righteousness and light over spiritual darkness and ignorance.

Celebrating Diwali 2017

This year, the five-day festival begins on October 17, two days before Diwali, with Dhanteras. It concludes with Bhai Dooj, two days after Diwali on October 21. Each day holds a different theme and spiritual significance with very specific ceremonial and ritualistic activities associated with the day.

Here are six ways to participate in this extravagant and exciting religious festival. Although they’re inspired by the traditional customs observed in India, feel free to personalize them so they carry the maximum amount of power and inspiration for your life.

1) In Sanskrit, “Deepavali” means “rows of lights,” so the Diwali festival is commonly known as the “Festival of Lights.” Spend time in contemplation and meditation, asking how you can not only bring more light and vibrant energy into your own life, but also better serve as a source of radiance that warms the lives of others.

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2) On Dhanteras, the first day of Diwali, people give their homes a thorough cleaning to make them ready for the arrival of Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity. They also purchase gold and buy new kitchen utensils.

Create a purification ritual to rid your life of anything you’ve outgrown that’s holding you back. Perhaps it’s a toxic relationship, a bad mental habit, or an addiction. Enlist the help of a shaman to help guide you and free you, perhaps even performing a soul-retrieval session if needed.

3) On the festival’s second day, celebrants decorate their homes with bright colors derived from powders and sands. They light oil-burning clay lamps and adorn buildings and streets with strings of fairy lights and candles. Everyday life takes on a mystical, magical glow as candlelight illumination creates a very warm and joyous atmosphere.

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4) The festival comes to its exhilarating peak on the third day. Diwali is devoted to families, feasting, and fireworks. After gathering together for Lakshmi puja, a prayer to Goddess Lakshmi, the joyful partygoers enjoy sumptuous meals followed by ear-shattering fireworks displays. Family members exchange gifts and share sweet treats.

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5) Day four of the Festival of Lights is the Indian equivalent of our New Years Day. Relatives exchange gifts and best wishes for the season. It’s a new financial year for merchants, too, and they open fresh accounting books. Many prayers are offered, seeking the divine blessing of prosperity and wealth goddess, Lakshmi, for a successful financial year.

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6) Bhai Dooj, the fifth and last day of Diwali, is dedicated to celebrating sisters. Brothers visit their married sisters who serve them lavish meals prepared in honor of the strong bond between them.

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