Shamans 184 Advisors

Shamans are seers, healers, and warriors in spirit, and they have been healing their tribes and neighbors on all inhabited continents of our planet for thousands of years. The primary tool in a shaman’s healing medicine bag is journeying: traveling in an altered state of consciousness to other timelines, parallel realities, and Lower and Upper World locations to seek knowledge, perform miracles and intercessions, or battle negative forces impinging upon the person they are helping.

Shamans have always known, by their own very real and direct experiences, that we are not alone; that we humans are surrounded by benevolent and helpful guides and guardians in many different realms and dimensions outside of our “ordinary reality,” or constricted 3-D perceptual universe. Shamans communicate with minerals, plants, and animals; they speak with the wind and water and soil. They move in a very seamless and permeable Dreamtime universe where all the answers lie -- past, present, and future possibilities.

How do Shamans heal?

While shamans use many methods to treat the people who seek their help and healing, fundamental to the shamanic vision is the certainty that an ill or unhappy person is running low on spiritual power, life force, and vital energy. The shaman acts as the linking bridge that restores an unwell person to health, often by performing a soul retrieval journey with or for them. When an individual suffers trauma and psychically distances himself from his situation, shamans feel that a portion of the essential soul splits off, leaving the person fragmented and unbalanced.

A shaman can enter an altered state of consciousness and look into a patient’s body to locate and remove negative spiritual influences from a client’s energy field in what is known as an extraction. Most shamans prefer to work in darkness and access their altered states by using drums, rattles, or other repetitive percussive instruments. Psychedelic drugs are also used to alter consciousness in certain ceremonies and rituals, such as the South American Ayahuasca.

The most powerful and effective shamans have pure intentions to help and heal, a medicine bag full of potent tools and methods that they can consistently rely on for truth and vision, and a good crew of spirit guides always standing by to empower and assist them in their journeys on behalf of others.