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Benefits of Vedic Astrology | Holistic Astrology Revamped

Vedic Astrology, also known as Hindu, Indian or Jyotish Astrology, in Sanskrit means “light, heavenly body,” and it refers to the form of astrology, originated in the ancient Vedas texts.

Vedic astrology uses the moon as the basis for all personal forecasts and predictions; and it differs quite remarkably from our well-known western astrology.

The most important difference between Vedic and Western Astrology lies in the use of the zodiac. Vedic astrology uses the sidereal zodiac (moon position- constellational), while western astrology analyzes the tropical zodiac (sun position- seasonal).

A Vedic astrology reading can reveal your karmic background, since it can see past, present, and future events and it will describe the planetary patterns at the time of your birth.

A  Vedic reader can depict a clear and detailed road map of your life and she/he can help you answer different questions from a holistic point of view, including health (closely related to yoga and Ayurveda), career, traveling, family, business and relationships.

Sometimes, they suggest the use of specific gemstones, or the celebration of Vedic ceremonies to heal and grow spiritually. Only expert priests perform those rituals, some of which can be successfully attained remotely.

We encourage you to take a closer look at this ancient astrology insight, experience for yourself the power of the Vedas and brighten up your days with wise tips and embracing guidance.