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Rituals, Spells & More: Add Esoteric Services to Your Reading

Rituals, Spells & More: Add Esoteric Services to Your Reading

Want to add more to your regular reading?

Does your situation call for something beyond a chat?

It’s time to ask your advisor about the in-chat services they sell, like cleansings, candle burnings, spells and so much more!

Ready to meet your soulmate? Find a professional who can do a spell that will bring love into your life. Feeling stuck and uncertain? Treat yourself to chakra balancing. Got a black cloud around you? Ask about energy cleansing and protection spells. Whatever you need, it’s all on your smartphone!

For now, services are only available inside the Zodiac Touch app and NOT the website. Every advisor offers something different. During a chat, ask your advisor what services they sell or let them know what extras you’re interested in. Before you buy, it’s OK to ask about the process of the ritual, what supplies are used, timeframes, and expected results. 

If your advisor wants to offer you a service for purchase, they’ll send an option to buy it in the app. An orange banner will appear to let you know what service your advisor recommends. Below it, you'll see the name of the service, the price, and the option to ‘Buy’. Here's an example (iOS version):


All you have to do is tap ‘Buy’ to make your purchase and your advisor will perform the service you requested. If you don’t want to purchase a service that’s offered to you, just refrain from tapping ‘Buy’ and let your advisor know you’re not interested. It’s that simple!

If your advisor asks you to pay outside the app or sends you any links not shown here, please decline and contact us immediately.

Ready to try an in-chat service? Here’s what’s popular on the app right now:

🕯 Candle Burning Ritual by Psychic Carmen

 🩹 Healing & Protection by Advisor Juan

💔 Love Blockage Removal by Juliet Xander

💖 Love + Prosperity Ritual by The Sun