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Juliet Xander
Juliet Xander
Love & Relationships
Juliet Xander


🌟Hello my name is Juliet Xander🌟 I am a third-generation psychic & empathic and tarot card reader. I have been reading professionally for 23 years with many returning clients. 

I have helped thousands across the globe succeed in giving them guidance and leading them onto a path that is karmically right for them. I specialize in love and relationships with my remote viewing skills and clairvoyance I am able to tell you who is your soulmate and when you will meet them. I am also able to tell you if your lover is faithful to you if he or she loves you and what are their intentions. I can also tap into any situations you ask me about, like money, business, making difficult decisions, and family issues.  I'm nonjudgmental caring kind and compassionate. I don't believe in sugar-coating I will tell you as I see it, I will tell you what you need to hear and not just what you want to hear. I can also pick up on names, initials, timeframes dates, lost and stolen objects. I take my gift a very serious and I love working with matters of the heart. I can tap into your lover's soul and tell you what they're thinking about you. You can expect a honest reading from me. I will tap into your past present and future energy with my spirit guide and tools not only will you be satisfied but you will be astonished my goal is to make my clients and skeptics a believer. I look forward to connecting with you and your spirit . 

Ask me about my powerful and best selling spiritual services:

  • Cleansings, Meditation, Chakra Balancing🕉️
  • Love Spells and Love Rituals of all kinds ❤️
  • Soulmate Attraction and Candle Burning Rituals🔥
  • Karma Cleansing and Energy Balancing ✨
  • Removal of Mental Blocks and Unwanted Energy🍀
  • Past Life Healing and Removal of Negative Soul Ties😵
  • Custom Spells and Rituals for any situation🌟


At the age of 13, I realized my spiritual gifts were flourishing, my visions and dreams would also come to pass and my great grandmother started to teach me how to utilize spiritual tools such as runes, crystals, tarot cards and many more! 
By the age of 20 I was reading professionally, at 25 I became an occult shop owner where I would read till I was 35, when I started to travel and offer my spiritual gift to those who were lost and confused. I started helping many across the globe find their destiny I read from my heart and find that helping people is very rewarding and satisfying. I have helped thousands giving them clarity and guidance in the course of my psyche career. I have also conducted many seminars, participated on TV, radio and talk shows. I have turned many non-believers into believers it is my goal to help you find your path and turn you into a believer.




Apr 2, 2024
Mar 31, 2024
accurate & good reader
Mar 31, 2024
I'm surprised he won't think I have moved on by then. this heartbreak was by far the worst. ty
Mar 31, 2024
what do you mean fade?
Mar 27, 2024
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