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Advisor Juan
Advisor Juan
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Advisor Juan


I am Love Psychic Juan. I am a psychic reader and 4th generation warlock focusing on love and marriage

I can tell you about your future outcome with your current partner or past lover. I'm straightforward and will help you decide on what direction you should take in your current situation. I will help you connect and come to the knowledge of what your spirit guides see and need to tell you. 

My readings are always confidential, nothing but the truth and direct. I focus on other subjects as well. After a reading with me you should for sure know that you will feel better emotionally as well as spiritually knowing the truth and to better help your decisions during tough times. If wanted I will give personal advice from my personal knowledge on your situation. 

All I would need is your name and date of birth to get started and to better connect with your Spirit Guides for a more accurate read.


I have known about my psychic ability my wholesale life and have professionally connecting with Spirit guides and giving accurate psychic readings for 15 years.

I come from generations of other psychic readers and have been self-taught and also taught by other family members to better enhance my ability for a more accurate read and better connection with Spirit guides all around. I've pretty much been at knowledge and in control of my ability my whole life but have just better enhanced it and control it over the years. 

I have been taught to read and focus on all topics but I specialize in love because that is what I am best at. I can tune into what your current or past partner is thinking about you and if they are the one for you or if there is something better coming along for you. I am always truthful in my readings and will never make the situation sound better than what it actually is because I am a straight shooter and I'm here only to tell you the truth.

You can also check my extra services:

  • Heart chakra healing 
  • Healing and protection




Jun 6, 2023
Great reading
May 19, 2023
Apr 22, 2023
Priya Sharma
Mar 15, 2023
Feb 18, 2023
thank you. I will hopefully be back to give you good news by the end of the month
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