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New to Zodiac Psychics | Meet one of these advisors!

New to Zodiac Psychics | Meet one of these advisors!

Looking for your psychic match?

We’re always adding new professional advisors to the Zodiac Psychics platform so you can meet more experts with more incredible gifts. If you’re searching for your perfect psychic, tarot reader, astrologer, life coach, or personal advisor, let us help.

Connect with one of these advisors new to our network:


Call ArizonaBri and ask for detailed information about various complex situations. Chat with ArizonaBri and ask about meditation and personal development. 


Call Esmeralda and ask about sound healing, meditation, and manifestation. Chat with Esmeralda and ask about finances, career, life path, & connections with the afterlife.


Call Lana and ask about love, marriage, intimacy, and cheating. Chat with Lana and ask about tarot card readings, crystal readings, and chakra balancing.