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Hello everyone, I am a natural born gifted psychic🔮 with 10 years of professional experience. Pathfinder intuitive. 

Allow me to tap into your energy using just your name

I specialize in things such as:

  • love 💕
  • marriage💒
  • intimacy🌹
  • cheating💔 
  • finances💲
  • career 🏢

No matter what your situation is, I will be able to give insight and clarity. I will never have my clients confused or overwhelmed. I provide tarot cards and crystal readings as well as chakra balancing.

I offer multiple ways to remove the negative energy that may be surrounding you. Let’s tap into everything, together to help you find the happiness you deserve. Allow me to share my special gift with you. You don’t have to hold anything back in our reading. I want my clients to feel as comfortable as possible never feel embarrassed or overwhelmed you can ask me about anything. 


I was born with the gift of being a psychic. Even as a child I always felt the energies of those surrounding me. 

I knew exactly what they were feeling without them having to say a word. I remember my mother and grandmother telling me that what I was doing was special and that I had a gift. As time went on my abilities got stronger. 

I started providing readings at an incredibly early age, informing people about what was going to happen and what is going on in their life. My goal in life is to help people. To lead and guide them in a better direction. I also provide time frames.

 My gift is special to me and those who surround me. I know my purpose in life, it’s to help people find their path. Sending lots of love and peace. 💕💡 Cannot wait to hear from everyone. 




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