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Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my page. I am very passionate about tarot and the art of divination. I’m blessed to have a strong and clear connection with my spirit team and I combine this gift with the tool that is tarot for trusted messages that guide both guide my own life path, as well as those for who I am able to provide readings for. ✨

I am most skilled in providing readings that allow clarity surrounding love/relationships as well as breakups/divorce. I’m also skilled at helping you identify energetic blockages within your life along with the very best suggestions for removal so that you can get closer to comfortably living the happier life that is meant for you. My main goal is to be clear and supportive while approaching my readings with care and compassion. I look forward to assisting you with the answers that you’ve been looking for!💞


Since my childhood, I have assisted family members and friends with tough life situations, almost never without question of how someone so young or without much life experience could deliver such a level of detailed information about various complex situations.  My family and I later learned from a trusted and experienced psychic that what I was experiencing was mediumship. The messages that were so accurate and powerful weren’t necessarily my own but were being channeled through me mostly from my own spirit guides and very intelligent ancestors. I also have the ability to connect with other spirit teams and have been engaging in this practice regularly since I started providing readings professionally, one year ago.

In this past year, I have had the pleasure of developing connections with hundreds of clients seeking guidance across the globe. I am a full-time tarot reader and I have recently acquired my Tarot Master Certification of which is accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine. 

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